While I'm out of town...

I am out of town this weekend, visiting my family in Cincinnati.  My mom is a huge quilter and although we have different styles, she is very talented.  She did give me some great 50's style fabric scraps though - will post pics when I get home. 

Last night I was looking at her huge stack of quilting magazines.  I randomly pulled one out of the pile and started flipping through it.  It was the American Patchwork & Quilting, August 2006 edition.  I start flipping through, and I find an article about Denyse Schmidt!  This must have been right when Flea Market Fancy came out.  It was a very interesting read about how her background/education and she got started selling quilts commercially.  It was just so odd because I had been asking my mom if she happened to have any Flea Market Fancy (she didn't) and I had been telling her about how Pottery Barn was selling some of this lady's quilts.

So, next time you are at the library (or your quilting-mom's sewing room), check it out!