This is What Creativity Looks Like...I Think

My Happy Mess What a mess. Not surprising, December is (as usual) not a good month for getting things done. Most of my free time is spent doing holiday related things and on the weekends, I just like to hang with my family instead of by myself in the sewing room. Oh, and my two year old thinks he's done napping.

So, that not only means that projects don't get done very quickly, but also that the sewing room doesn't get straightened up.

My Happy Mess

But I did make some progress today. The Echo quilt top you see on the floor in the above photo is now finished *and* I managed to squeeze in the back too. Next up, basting! I also finished that Jane Market Bag you see half done (gift for my daughter's preschool teacher). I totally want to keep it for myself.

A Stitch in Color

I finished all the rows in my A Stitch in Color mini square quilt top. Now just to sew the rows together. I hope everyone else is having an equally productive Monday!