This and That from the Fabric Shack

Fabric Shack Loot Over the weekend we traveled to Cincinnati to celebrate my daughter's 4th birthday with her cousins. FOUR! I can't believe it, where does the time go? She is growing into such a sweet little girl, I'm very proud of her. And I know this isn't a personal blog, but I plan on working in some birthday weekend photos into this post. :)

This was the second trip back home that I was able to squeeze in a visit to the Fabric Shack. I just love that place. This time I brought my husband because I knew the kids wouldn't last for even half the amount of time I planned looking around. My son actually never even went in to look and my daughter lasted about 50% of the time before getting sent out to daddy. :)

Mommy and A at the pumpkin patch

Every time we visit I just can't get over how nice everyone is that works there and how well run the store must be to have THAT much fabric, have THAT many customers inside, AND run a very successful web front as well.

When we arrived I met Amanda who I had emailed earlier in the week about if they would be getting AMH's new line, Innocent Crush. (no luck :() But she came back and gave my daughter the sweetest little 1" charm pack of Moda's Hoot line. How sweet is that?! Really, I think that's the nicest thing to ever happen to me in a fabric store!

I can do it!

My mom bought me the fabrics and Fig Tree pattern in the photo up top for my upcoming birthday. The bottom pattern and fabric are for a dress for my daughter. You can't tell, but the coral solid has a really nice pintuck to it. The bottom print is from Erin McMorris's Weekends collection.

The top fabric is Michael Miller's Hedgehog Heaven and the blue/gray fabric is a basic that I just love and had been running low on in my stash at home.

Hammel House Inn

Even though the little town seemed quite empty, the store was packed. Lots of people buying fabric, a family looking for something special for a graduation quilt. Afterwards we went to lunch at the Hammel House (along with everyone else from the store I think!) Overall a great trip. Can't wait to go back - in the meantime, I'll keep ordering online!