The Sampler Has Been Liberated

Liberated Sampler

My Liberated Sampler is complete! As I mentioned in my original post, I decided to make a small sampler of "liberated" or "wonky" quilt blocks as an example of a specific type of modern quilting for a presentation I'm giving next week. I think the final quilt came pretty darn close to the Photoshop mockup I created. This wonky churn dash is one of my favorites.

Wonky Churn Dash

I have received a lot of comments and emails about this quilt in the last week, most asking for a pattern. Well...I don't have a pattern - at least not at the moment. It is something I am considering, but I just made these blocks up as I went. But I don't want to leave you all with nothing, so I did some Googling (is that a word?) and have some tutorial links for you.

Wonky Crosses

I decided to quilt my sampler using randomly angled horizontal lines. I think it put a nice finishing touch on the quilt. The binding is scrappy.

Wonky Star

If you make your own liberated sampler, I'd love to see it in the Fresh Lemons Quilts group on Flickr.