The Ice Cream Dress

It's done! I ended up spending all evening working on the dress for the sew along. Probably not the best idea because I made several mistakes (one of which still needs to be fixed done!), but I do think it turned out quite well. The brown isn't as dark as it appears in these photos.

I found this cool button in my button drawer. I really never buy buttons, I just save all the extras that I get with shorts and pants.

In the spirit of full disclosure, here is just a handful of the many mistakes that left me hating my seam ripper: 1. Put the button loop too low - my bad karma for putting on a button, my daughter hates buttons. 2. Assembled the yoke wrong - fixed 3. Top stitched pockets wrong - fixed 4. Top stitched the pockets closed on the dress! - fixed 5. Top stitched the bottom of the pockets in dark thread (looked bad) - fixed 6. Attached the front yoke to dress wrong and now I have an exposed seam inside - will fix today fixed

Please tell me you all also occasionally have sewing disasters. (Hopefully everyone is nodding in agreement right now.) Really, this dress is not *that* difficult. I certainly made it harder than it was. I will either blame it on mommy brain, my inability to follow written directions, or sewing in the late night. :) But now that I have the hang of it, I will probably make more. Definitely love the dress!

Here it is with it's new owner...coordinates quite well with a Hello Kitty band aid if I do say so myself.