Moving Up

Moving Up I'm moving up in the world - to the third floor to be exact. When we moved into our house, we set my sewing space up in the finished basement. That's where all the kid's toys are and, at the time, I was able to get some sewing done while the older one played and the younger one slept. Now that my "baby" is 1, that's just not happening anymore. :)

So I decided that I need not be in the dark basement. We have a loft area on the third floor with a big window that is now being transformed to my own craft/sewing room! It will probably take me about a week to get set up. There's a lot of stairs between a basement and third floor. The table we need to move up there from the basement is a beautiful wooden dining table made from wood from an old barn. I use it as my cutting table, but it weighs about a million pounds and the legs don't come off...yet. Just one of the many things to figure out and move. Can't wait!