Color Your Cloth

Color Your Cloth Wow, it's been a little while since I posted anything new! Between Labor Day weekend away, the beginning of my daughter's first year of preschool, and another weekend away to celebrate our anniversary, it hasn't left a lot of time for sewing.

I am excited to share with you some new fabric I bought last week by Malka Dubrawsky of A Stitch in Dye. Last Christmas I received her book, Color Your Cloth: A Quilter's Guide to Dyeing and Patterning Fabric, from my mom. I finally had some time to sit down and read it front to back - and I am really excited to get started dyeing my own fabric. Not that I need *another* hobby! Before beginning, I decided to buy some fabric the expert. Malka is selling fabric bundles in her shop and I thought that was the perfect way to get a good variety of colors and designs. Aren't they fun?

Stitch in Dye Fabric

Malka's book is very detailed and has a lot of good suggestions on where to start with designs. I will write a follow up post of the process once my supplies come in the mail, but her instructions seemed very straight forward. She has a new bookcoming out sometime in the future too, which is definitely on my wish list!

This week should be a bit calmer and I hope to get more sewing done. My Dream On Quilt top is almost complete!