A King Sized Dilemma

DS Quilt Last month, Ashley from Film in the Fridge posted these blocks, made from Denyse Schmidt's new line Hope Valley. I instantly fell in love. It's funny, because before I saw those blocks, I didn't even think I liked her new line and wasn't planning on buying any. (I think Ashley should get a commission on my purchase! LOL)

I had never made blocks like these either. I loved the look, I was pretty sure I could improvise them, but again, had never actually done it. So I started out by just blatantly copying a few of Ashley's to get the hang of it. She was even kind enough to post the Kona Solid colors she used that matched!) Once I felt like I knew what I was doing, I started creating my own. I just was loving how it was looking. And the blocks were fun to make.

I wanted to make a king sized quilt/duvet out of these. My husband is really into the down comforter. Basically I would lightly quilt this and then attach a back afterwards (to make it a duvet). It requires 56 blocks. (14.5" each) I had this grand vision of how my master bedroom would being decorated, this quilt being the centerpiece.

So here is the dilemma. I casually showed my husband the stack of blocks and asked him what he thought of them (he really only looked at the one on the top.) He doesn't know I plan to make these into something for our bedroom. His response? "Eh. Not my favorite." {insert my heart breaking here!}

So what do I do? I'm thinking he doesn't see the whole vision. But what if I spend the next 4 months making this quilt and he hates it? Do I just go ahead anyway? (That is the way I'm leaning).

Personally, I think it's going to be awesome and he's crazy. :)

ETA: Thank you for all the feedback!!! You guys are great. :) I think I will lean more blocks in the non-pink direction (chocolate, etc) and then make the top and show it to him on the bed. If he's highly offended, I will make it a lightweight quilt to fold at the bottom of the bed so it's not overpowering. If he is ok with it, I'll make it into a duvet! :)