Twist and Turn

Twist and Turn ~ Summer Sampler Series

There are some piecing techniques that I don’t find myself doing a lot, and equilateral triangles (also known as 60 degree triangles) are one of them. Our Twist and Turn block, designed by Jemima Flendt of Tied with a Ribbon, gave me some much needed practice! It’s not perfect…clearly sewing with equilateral triangles once every 5 years does not make one an expert, but I really love the design and experience!

Summer Sampler 2019 ~ Piecing Bootcamp

I’m loving all my blocks together. My design wall is almost full, but we have 5 more blocks to go!

It’s not too late to join in the fun with us this summer. (It’s actually never too late!) . When you sign up, you will immediately receive all the block patterns to date. For the late comers, I’d recommend starting with the current week’s block and then making the past blocks in your spare time. That way you can immediately join in the fun with everyone on Instagram and in the private Facebook group.