Altitude ~ Summer Sampler 2019

I’m a week late in posting our 13th Summer Sampler Series 2019 block ~ Altitude! This block is all about the diamonds, which can be quite a challenge for those of us not used to cutting or sewing them. In fact, it took me longer to cut out this block than it did to actually piece it.

I found that I really had to use my brainpower to make sure I was lining my ruler up correctly and cutting the right size. In this block, designed by Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop, we use 2-1/2” diamonds and 2” diamonds. Andrea has an awesome video on her website that showcases her cutting process.

Summer Sampler 2019 ~ Piecing Bootcamp

It’s not too late to join in the fun with us this summer. (It’s actually never too late!) . When you sign up, you will immediately receive all the block patterns to date. For the late comers, I’d recommend starting with the current week’s block and then making the past blocks in your spare time. That way you can immediately join in the fun with everyone on Instagram and in the private Facebook group.