Cul de Sac


Today marks Week 6 of the Summer Sampler Piecing Bootcamp Quilt Along…and it’s the week many of you have been waiting for. CURVES! I’m not going to lie. When the curve master, Jen Carlton-Bailly, sent us her design for this quilt along, I was actually scared. lol I can safely say it’s been a year since I’ve sewn a curve. I know that, because it would have been in the 2018 Summer Sampler Quilt Along. But guess what? Making this block was fun and not nearly as scary as it looks!

Well, cutting into a curve I had just sewn was a little scary. Not going to lie.

Summer Sampler 2019 ~ Piecing Bootcamp

Jen’s block certainly gives us lots of opportunities to work on our curves. Mine aren’t perfect, but hey, nothing I make is perfect!

My kids are always complaining when something isn’t easy the first time they try it. I don’t know how many times I’ve told them “hey, no one came out of the womb knowing how to do long division” or “no one came out of the womb knowing how to score on a corner kick.” And guess what, no one came out of the womb knowing how to sew curves either! It takes practice, practice, practice. Jen has some fabulous video tutorials on her website to help you every step of the way.

Curve Rulers by bettycrockerass

Everything you need to make this week’s block is in the pattern, including paper templates. But if you see yourself wanting to expand your curve toolset, I definitely recommend picking up a set of Jen’s rulers. They were just amazing to work with (and a crazy good deal considering how many ruler combinations are in the package)!

Summer Sampler 2019 ~ Piecing Bootcamp

It’s not too late to join in the fun with us this summer. (It’s actually never too late!) . When you sign up, you will immediately receive all the block patterns to date.

For the late comers, I’d recommend starting with the current week’s block and then making the past blocks in your spare time. That way you can immediately join in the fun with everyone on Instagram and in the private Facebook group.

Happy curve piecing everyone!