10 Photos of Inspiration

I wanted to share some links of some beautiful quilts and pillows that I've found online lately.  I love Flickr.  There is an entire world out there of modern quilting and creating.  So here are some of my current favorites... 1. Snowball by One Flew Over... :  This is one of those quilts that makes me want to go out and buy the entire Anna Maria Horner Good Folks line (same line as I'm using for my string quilt).

2. Scrap Quilt by Red Pepper Quilts : I wonder if my scrap bag can create something so beautiful one day?

3. Amelie Horse Quilt by hanies : I'm in awe of the amount of time this must have taken.

4. Summertime Quilt by twinfibers : This is so colorful and happy!

5. String Block Quilted Pillows by filminthefridge : I want to make string pillows for our couch now.

6. Far Far Away Hexagon Quilt by filminthefridge : Proof that you don't need to make an entire hexagon quilt to get a dramatic effect.

7. Spotted Quilt Top by filminthefridge : Love the dots, love the blocks.

8. Strips and Bricks Quilt by KnittinginPink : Modern, clean and fun.

9. Linen Patchwork Pillows (here and here) by meringuedesigns : How great would these look on your couch?

10. Zig-Zag Quilt by TerryA W : Another reason to by Anna Maria Horner fabric!