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A Few of My Favorite Things

Fall Flower Detail

Linen…Wool Felt…Katie Jump Rope. In a spurt of sewing today, they all came together and became this small fall pillow. This was so fun to make and I have a *lot* of wool felt. I definitely see more in my future, maybe for the shop? The only snag in that plan is that I love this linen, but it is a piece that accidentally sent me last year and I have no idea what it is! If only I could go to their warehouse and do some comparing in person. :)

Fall Flower

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10 Responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things”

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    That is really so, so, so, so, so cute! I love how the felt flower looks and am wondering how you attached it?

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      Faith says:

      Thank you! For the bottom 2 layers of petals I used the darning foot on my sewing machine and just sewed the bottom sections to the fabric. For the top layer I used my trusty hot glue gun. :)

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    Sara says:

    Eye candy that you want to touch in person– oh yeah! The flower looks sooo yum!

  4. 5

    Love this — I agree, that flower is just fabulous. Love the petal placement.

  5. 6

    Where do you get your felt?

  6. 8
    Kristen says:

    I love these things that just kind of come together. Very nice job! Now that my slipcover project is done, I’m looking forward to a starting some fun projects for the holidays. (Looks like a trip to the Fabric Shack is in order….:)

  7. 9
    Kelli says:

    Love it! I love every aspect of it! Great job. I am wanting to slipcover my couch so badly so I can get some great pillows. 6 years ago when I picked plaid couches it seemed like such a great idea. I still like the design, but it hinders my decorating and adding of pillows…

  8. 10

    It’s lovely and so perfect for Fall!

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