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The Miss Madeline Dress

Perfect for…




{And Running}

Just the right dress for an active 3-1/2 year old. Made using the Miss Madeline pattern in size 5, minus 4.5″ in length. I am planning on saving more cherry fabric to add to the bottom as she grows taller. Start to finish, this dress took me about 3 hours. Fabric is from the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird line.

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8 Responses to “The Miss Madeline Dress”

  1. 1
    Megan says:

    That dress is so cute Faith and your daughter is beautiful not to mention a perfect model. I really need to get going on making some clothes for Lucy!

    • 2

      You really should! This dress was super easy. I made it big on purpose so she could wear it next summer too (just with adding some length). I definitely recommend the pattern. Very easy to follow. For once I didn’t have to use the seam ripper. LOL

  2. 3
    Andi says:

    Gorgeous dress!
    Delicious model too!!!

  3. 4
    eileen says:

    it’s darling on her. what size does she normally wear. my granddaughter is barely in a 6. i think i’ll make this in a shorter version with leggings for school. love the cosmo fabric, i just ordered some…

    • 5

      Thank you! She averages a 4T, but I didn’t want to buy the smaller pattern and not have it last. This one is a little big on the chest, but not horrible. And I figure I can just add some length next year and get 2 summers out of it. :) It would look darling with leggings!

  4. 6
    Mary says:

    So pretty! Love your model :-)

  5. 7
    PY says:

    Great photos ! She is so cute and so pretty ! The dress is fabulous too !

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