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Fairy Tales Quilt

Fairy Tales Front

One of my wonderful friends just had her second baby – a girl! She was team green which was very hard for me to accept since I knew I wanted to make her something. :) Sigh….I guess it was her pregnancy though. ;) Honestly, I never thought I’d be interested in not finding out girl or boy beforehand, but when I saw the message that the baby was born and it was a girl, I was REALLY excited. Like crazy excited. I guess team green will do that to you.

I actually had a feeling it was a girl so I had been scoping out ideas online. Initially I was going to make something like Ashley’s Animal Sherbet Squares quilt. I even have the fabric. The nursery is safari themed and I thought this would add a great girly touch to the room after being used for a boy the last 2 years. Then I got wind of the Spoonflower printing fading issue. (This digitally printed fabric fades after a few washes.) And I didn’t want to put all that work into something that should last forever, just to have it look bad after 3 washes.

So I started looking again…and found this sneak peek by Nettie at A Quilt is Nice. Before I had a daughter, I would have told you that I would never want or get anything “princessy” for a baby girl. I didn’t want to push the “princess” thing. Well, now I know it’s an unstoppable force. And I also know it makes little girls inexplicably happy, and that makes me happy. So I go with it. :)

Fair Tales Corner

This quilt is made of 3 things I normally don’t use – a fabric panel, a jelly roll, and a vintage sheet for the binding. I just *love* stripy bindings and it seems I find myself using them on most of my baby quilts.

Fairy Tales Binding

I quilted free motion on the sashing only, which you can see best on the back photo. I used some solids to make a stripe on the back. It measures 34″ x 34″.

Fairy Tales Back

Kara, I hope you and baby L love this blanket. If not, you know my little princess will take it off your hands. LOL

And speaking of babies…look what hatched under our deck!

Baby Birds

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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12 Responses to “Fairy Tales Quilt”

  1. 1
    nettie says:

    it’s so cute! I just got mine finished up, and need to get it posted. I love the backing.

  2. 2
    Q says:

    I absolutely adore those fairytale blocks! I’m sure the quilt will be cherished and loved for a very long time.

  3. 3
    Katie B says:

    So sweet! I love the way you used the fabric panel.

  4. 4
    Stephanie says:

    What a beautiful, generous gift! And I’m loving that fairy tale creatures fabric.

  5. 5
    Nichole says:

    this is so beautiful. great gift! i really like the fairy tale fabric. which line is that from?

  6. 6
    beth says:

    what a great baby quilt!! The new mom will love it!

  7. 7
    Stephanie says:

    Faith, it is just beautiful! I’m sure she will LOVE it! :)

  8. 8
    Annalia says:

    Oh, cute! …quilt and birdies! We’ve got eggs in our birdhouse and we just can’t wait for chickies.

    ….my daughter’s blog.

  9. 9
    Lila says:

    I love it! Just found your blog and I have had a great time looking through old posts. Thanks for more inspiration!

  10. 10
    Tiffany says:

    I know! The princess thing is inevitable….Brynn is 2 1/2. She found some sheer curtain – put it on her head and said she was getting married! I have NO idea where that came from….she’s never been to a wedding. Crazy girls ;)

  11. 11
    karagoodwin says:

    Ok, I am JUST getting to catch up on the blogs I have not read since Layla was born. We LOVE the quilt!! She has already had a few tummy time sessions on it. It is just beautiful! I love how the quilting goes around the panels, too. Cute, cute, cute! Also, lol to team green – I have never heard that expression!

  12. 12
    findshruti says:

    OMG! This is just so beautiful… I’m going to order that panel fabric right away… I dont really care whom I’ll make it for, but I am going to make it and thats final!!!

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