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Safari Moon Blog Hop and Saddle Up Quilt Pattern


Safari Moon Blog Hop

Welcome everyone, to the first stop of the Safari Moon Blog Hop!

Saddle Up Quilt by Fresh Lemons Quilts

Safari Moon is the absolutely gorgeous new fabric line by designer Frances Newcombe for Art Gallery Fabrics. I was beyond excited when Frances contacted me to see if I wanted to make something with her new line. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! As soon as the fabric arrived in the mail, my daughter took one look and told me “I want to go sew something with those!” She knows a good thing when she sees it!

Saddle Up Quilt by Fresh Lemons Quilts

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen peeks here and there of this project as it has come together. I’m so happy to share the finished quilt with you today, along with some information for those that are interested in making the quilt themselves. When I first saw the colors and designs of the Safari Moon line, I knew I had the perfect project for it. This design has been stuck in my mind since last summer ~ July 10th, 2013 to be exact. That’s the date when I received this email from Country Outfitters in my inbox:

Saddle Up Inspiration : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I think we can all agree that is a nice looking couple and pretty cool boots…but it was the quilt that caught my eye. After asking around, I was pointed in the direction of Around the World quilt patterns to recreate this look. But I had a few design elements I wanted to work in – which usually equals more work, right? Those included the squares being on point and also, no squares cut in half (HSTs) at the edge of each “block”. I also wanted extra large, super sized blocks. So in the end, I decided to just lay out the entire quilt in diagonal strips and then stitch those together. You may remember this photo of the project, half finished, on my design wall.

Saddle Up by Fresh Lemons Quilts

I’m so happy with how it turned out! I think the large, on point “blocks” and the bright colors give this quilt a totally dramatic look. And if you squint, doesn’t this picture look like the quilt is on the beach instead of snow?

Saddle Up by Fresh Lemons Quilts

For the back I combined the Animalia Splendor print with some solids from my fabric stash. I love those Zebras!

Saddle Up by Fresh Lemons Quilts

I had a few requests for the pattern for this quilt. I’m sure there are a million ways to put it together, but I thought I’d share the fabric requirements I came up with when I was planning. I basically printed out a picture of my quilt mock up, sewed the diagonal strips together one at a time, and then used a marker to black them off my print out as I went.

Saddle Up Quilt Pattern by Fresh Lemons Quilts

Here was my mock up I made using Photoshop, before beginning the quilt. The quilt is 68″ x 68″.

Saddle Up Quilt Pattern by Fresh Lemons Quilts

And if you are interested in just the number of cut squares needed to make each “block”, here you go!

Saddle Up Quilt Pattern by Fresh Lemons Quilts

I hope this helps those of you looking to make this quilt! You can find Safari Moon at my following Sponsor’s shops:

Fat Quarter Shop
Stash Modern Fabrics
Fabric Spark

The Safari Moon blog hop will be continuing today through March 12th.

Safari Moon Blog Hop

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Host Frances Newcombe Designer with Art Gallery Fabrics – Belly Buttons Boutique

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54 Responses to “Safari Moon Blog Hop and Saddle Up Quilt Pattern”

  1. 1
    Hayley says:

    What a gorgeous quilt!!and gorgeous fabric

  2. 2
    DeborahGun says:

    a stunning design Faith.

  3. 3
    Jenni says:

    It turned out gorgeous!! I DID think it was a “beach” quilt :) Our sand is white here in Sarasota, FL so my mind immediately went there. I just bought the zebra print and can’t wait to touch it. Beautiful Faith!

  4. 4
    kaholly says:

    It’s gorgeous!! Love it on point best!

  5. 5
    rosa says:

    Love,love.Fabulous quilt,design and fabrics!!.

  6. 6
    lattegirl40 says:

    love your project, it looks fantastic in the Safari Moon!! I’ve done the scrappy trip around the world block, but I love how yours lays out on point!! May just have to try this!! Thanks for all the information!!

  7. 7
    nancy fowler says:

    Love this one. How generous to give fabric requirements. Like the big squares; makes it manageable.

  8. 8
    Tricia says:

    You need to stop, I made your lighthouse QAL and now I want to make this! What’s a girl to do? Thank you for the inspiration…..even though I still have way to many UFO’s to do!

  9. 9

    This quilt is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you a thousand times!!!!
    Stunning Post!


  10. 10
    Anne Beier says:

    Beautiful fabrics.

  11. 11
    Sondra says:

    Really sweet! Love the color choices. Great design. So much fun!

  12. 13

    Love this…if done in 2 !/2″ squares, then you could use a jelly roll! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. 14
    Sharon T says:

    Thank you for sharing your information for making your fabulous quilt. It seems I’m smitten with everything you do. Love those boots, too!

  14. 15
    Bethany says:

    What a lovely quilt! Thank you for sharing!

  15. 16
    svetlana says:

    what a fantastic quilt Faith.

  16. 18
    BillieBee says:

    I loved your quilt and thanks for the info. I especially enjoyed seeing your sewing room.

  17. 19
    Moira says:

    Great looking quilt! Thanks for the diagram to make one of our own.

  18. 20
    Marcia R says:

    It’s gorgeous!

  19. 21

    Awesome inspiration. I love all the colors. So fresh and happy!!

  20. 22
    Melissa says:

    It’s an amazing quilt! I love your twist on the design, it’s beautifully done!

  21. 23
    Ella says:

    Might have to do a giant square version of this!

  22. 24
  23. 25
    Sadie says:

    I love this. I’ve literally got the fabric in my cart and am ready to click buy. Is there any way that you could post a printable that we can mark off like you suggested???
    I can’t wait to start cutting!

  24. 26
    Lisa McGriff says:

    Wow how beautiful! Not sure I could keep my seams accurate enough for that quilt but I would love to try.

  25. 27
    Pam McDonald says:

    OMG that is beautiful. I just happen to have some SCRAPS! That would work with that too. lol

    Have a great one!

  26. 28
    Karen says:

    What a beautiful quilt. When I look at it I see a giant Granny Square.

  27. 29
    Lyn Kaufmann says:

    Love this quilt, it was what I noticed when this advertisement came as well! You made me laugh. I think I’m going to have to make this one, once I finish the quilt I’m working on, one at a time, right?
    Thank you for sharing the fabrics (fabulous) and the quilt tutorial.

  28. 31
    Anita says:

    Love how your quilt turned out! Yes it’s been done before but you gave it such a fresh and new look! Thanks for writing everything out too :) like someone’s idea of using 2 1/2″ squares.

  29. 32
    Marianne says:

    Absolutely scrumptious! I’ve got to make one.

  30. 33
    Samantha says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your process…

  31. 34

    Thanks so much for the pattern and cutting info! Beautiful quilt!

  32. 35

    That is one very spanky quilt and one very thorough blog post….I loved all of it. You were very kind to share your pattern and method for making your beautiful quilt as well as your inspiration.

    Thank you so very much.


  33. 36
    Debra Kay Neiman says:

    Quilting certainly is showing up everywhere this year. I love how you designed your round the world quilt…then to find that ad from Country Outfitters where the models were sitting on an around the world quilt. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  34. 37
    Connie Cain says:

    The quilt is very pretty! Love the fabric also. :)

  35. 38
    Judith says:

    This is such a great quilt and pattern and might just be the right pattern to finally cut into my Hope Valley stash.

  36. 39
    Darcy says:

    As soon as I saw this I wondered where I could get the pattern – thanks so much for working this out and sharing! Gorgeous!

  37. 40
    Judy says:

    I love your quilt. Well done!

  38. 41

    you make everything look easy, like squirting a bit of lemon on a heavy sauce dish to freshin it up…

  39. 43
    Jennifer H says:

    Beautiful quilt! Thank for sharing the fabric requirements.

  40. 44
    wendy says:

    that’s a lovely quilt! looks like a lot of points to match though so maybe one for me when I’ve had another 10 years practice!

  41. 45
    Audrey says:

    A beautiful quilt. Thanks for showing how it was constructed. The fabric collection colours are luscious. Yes, squinting does help.

  42. 46
    Michele T says:

    Beautiful fabric and pattern!!! There sure are a lot of little squares to match up, but it looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing in the hop!

  43. 47
    Jan says:

    I have got to make a quilt similar to your beautiful quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  44. 48
    Tamie says:

    Love your quilt. Thanks for taking the time to share the specifics of how you did it.

  45. 49
    Cristy says:

    Faith, this is fabulous!!

  46. 50
    Connie says:

    Love the the refreshing color an design.

  47. 51
    Heather J says:

    Thank you for sharing your process and the details. Love your quilt.

  48. 52
    Jennifer B. says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty and love seeing the entire process!

  49. 53
    Sarah says:

    I think yr quilt is great Faith! It reminds me a little of the scrappy trip quilts everybody seemed to make last year. Also love the boots on the cover of that country clothing catalogue 😉

  50. 54
    Joan H. says:

    I have seen Round the World quits before and thought they were lovely but putting the squares on point is especially interesting.

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