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Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters


I picked up a couple of books last week. One of them was Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters. I had been thinking about getting this book ever since it came out (Angela is widely known in the quilting community as being an AMAZING quilter), but I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about and if I needed it. I noticed a few other bloggers were being inspired to try new free motion quilting designs after getting the book and decided to see what it was all about.


I have many quilt books I like, many I love. I mostly use them for inspiration. This is one of the few books I can honestly say needs to be in your quilt book library. (And no, I wasn’t paid or asked to say that. :))


Angela provides detailed, step by step instruction on how to make a huge variety of free motion quilting designs. She breaks them down so well that even a novice can figure out what to do.


As soon as I opened the book and started to absorb how much awesome information was in there, I dropped all my current projects, ran to my sewing room, and made some quilt sandwiches. I needed to try everything immediately!


Obviously I have more work to do, but this is my first try and it’s not horrible. I am particularly desperate to perfect some of the swirl designs.


Now Angela is a long arm quilter, but these designs can be done on a home sewing machine as long as you are set up for free motion quilting.

I had made a few quilting sample sandwiches several months ago to practice different types of quilting…



And now I plan to make a sandwich for my favorite designs from Angela’s book as well.

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24 Responses to “Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters”

  1. 1
    Jana says:

    Thank you so much for this review. I NEED this book.

  2. 2
    Books_Bound says:

    I love the purple and orange samples you made! I’ll have to file those away to try.

    I’m so scared of FMQ, and have every intention of trying it, but working my way around a space while making designs does not come naturally to my decidedly non-spatially-inclined brain! I’ll have to check out this book– sounds like it might be a good way to practice some different ideas and maybe–one day– put them on a quilt! :)

  3. 3
    Debbie says:

    I am fairly new at fmq, and even though I’ve tried several patterns I’ve seed on blogs etc., Angela’s book gives such clear instructions, I know I will be confident to try much more. Seriously – it is really an awesome book for anyone who wants to gain skills in fmq. Love your samples, Faith – great idea.

  4. 4

    Oh my goodness, thanks for the sweet words! Your first attempt at swirls was a ton better than my first attempt!!! Thanks again for the support :)

    • 7
      Faith says:

      Thank you so much Angela, I can’t wait to practice more. And thank you for putting together such a wonderful book and sharing your knowledge with all of us!

  5. 5
    Kathie says:

    I just ordered this book yesterday as it looked pretty good. Now I can’t wait to get it!

  6. 6

    I think you did a beautiful job

  7. 8
    Emily says:

    Very cool! I actually just added this to my wish list on Amazon the other day. I’m glad to hear how useful it is! I really want to try some new quilting as well.

  8. 9
    Jen Nelson says:

    Awesome, I will have to check it out!

  9. 10
    SewCalGal says:

    I agree 100% this is definitely a “must have” book for anyone interested in FMQ. Angela is so talented and did a great job with this book.


  10. 11
    kim bischof says:

    These all look so difficult! Stupid question..What is a sandwich? I’m just now settling down and trying all this stuff. I never had the motivation, time or patience before!

  11. 12

    Oh, you ENABLER, you!! This book is already on my Amazon wish list. If I keep buying quilting books, I’m going to have to get rid of FABRIC to make room for BOOK SHELVES! I do love Angela Walter’s quilting, though, and the tutorial she posted on SewCalGal’s blog challenge was wonderful. So now I’m ordering the book, and I’m telling my husband that YOU made me do it. Don’t worry; he doesn’t know where you live… ;-)

  12. 13
    Alie says:

    Thank you so much for blogging about this book! I almost always hand quilt, but I recently decided it was time for me to learn some free motion quilting. I think I’ll pick this book up tomorrow!

  13. 14
    Pam Gonzalez says:

    I just bought the book off amazon!! I never do this. I’m so excited. It’s a birthday present to myself. Thanks for reviewing the book.

  14. 15
    Barb says:

    I pre-ordered this book before it was published, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! Angela did such a great job explaining everything and giving excellent photos and mark-ups. It is definitely a Must-Have book for any quilter!

  15. 16
    marjorie says:

    I agree; Angela is a great instructer….I loved last months challenge with her….wonderful book!

  16. 17
    Lindsay says:

    So cool! I love the purple sandwich design. :)

  17. 18

    I just bought this book and I love it!

  18. 19
    Susan says:

    I love my book so much, I have signed up for Angela’s Craftsy course. It is great to be able to SEE her do it as well as read it. Take a look on Craftsy if you are interested.

  19. 20
    Becki Seay says:

    Love this book. I’ve had it several weeks and it’s better than Sears toy catalogue when I was a child. On larger quilts how do you get around all the pins that hold your quilt together?

  20. 21
    Lynnette says:

    This book is on my list to get the next time I buy something from Amazon. I’ve also been looking at Angela Walters’ class on Craftsy. That’s another must do.

  21. 22
    Danell Rios-Schmehl says:

    Thanks for the review of the book, I will have to check it out. I have always found that practicing on a 10″ square is not the same as a 60 x 40 quilt.

  22. 23
    Lee W says:

    just found your site and love it.

  23. 24
    Hanna says:

    I have this book and I love it. It is a practical book that provides actual instruction. I have learned how to do more complex designs – other than just stippling.

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