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Schoolhouse Tunic

Schoolhouse Tunic

The first time I saw the Echino Lion fabric, I thought it was totally weird – yet intriguing. I couldn’t figure out what I’d do with it though, it’s not really something I wanted to put into a quilt. But it was one of those fabrics that I never stopped thinking about. Then when I was looking online, I saw the fabric used as a class sample at The Needle Shop for the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated. It was the perfect combination of cool and crazy. :) I had to make it immediately.

Luckily I found enough of the fabric left at Harts Fabric, although now even the brown is sold out there. The tunic was very simple to make. It was actually my first time making something with sleeves I think. That made me a bit nervous, but really it was very simple. It was also my first time working with double gauze fabric. The only thing I found tricky was if I made a mistake and needed to remove stitches. That was more difficult than with quilting cotton, for sure.

Overall I love it! It’s at a length that is *just* too short for me to feel comfortable wearing it without pants, but I think if I made it about 3″ longer it’d be an adorable dress. (Add it to my list!) Still trying to figure out what sort of shorts/capris to pair it with for summer. But for today I’m sticking to my skinny jeans – which I swore I’d never buy….never say never!

And another photo just for fun, we have a couple deer that live in the woods behind the house. Last night at dinner time they both came into the yard and let me walk near them for a photo. We tease Avery that they are going to go for a ride on her swing.

Deer Swing

March 27, 2010   13 Comments

Spring Ruffle Top…Minus the Ruffles

Spring Ruffle Top

I think I’ve been bitten by the bug…the clothes making bug. And not clothes for my daughter – although that is fun, she grows out of them so quickly. No, making clothes for myself. Sew Mama Sew has a great *free* tutorial for a Spring Ruffle Top by Rae from Made by Rae. Isn’t it cute?

I had plenty of Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks Voile left over from my baby quilt and really there isn’t anything more perfect if you ask me. The drape is lovely and the prints are perfect for summer. And not to pick favorites, but I could probably make an entire wardrobe out of Baby Bouquet Sweet and die happy. The top portion is Four Square Berry.

Spring Ruffle Top - close up

I changed the pattern a bit and added lining as the voile is a bit sheer. Basically I just made 2 each of the front and back pieces and sewed them together at the top and then sewed them to the chest strap as if they were one piece. If that makes sense…

Not a nice day here in Chicago so my 3 year old helped take this picture inside. It’s a bit blurry, but not too bad for her first try.

Spring Ruffle Top - on

March 25, 2010   4 Comments

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

This was my second long winter since moving back to the midwest after spending 6 years in Florida. As the weather has been warming up over the last couple weeks, I’ve started to feel like I survived and am getting the itch for spring and summer. Last fall I planted bulbs for the first time and they’ve started to come up – and a few are even blooming! (Let’s not tell them that it is supposed to snow this weekend, ok?)

The stores are all carrying sundresses and fertilizer which is another sure sign that warmer weather is just around the corner. (Although if I want to be really honest, that stuff has been out since Christmas was over.) Everyone is talking about Liberty of London at Target. I decided to join in the fun too. I don’t plan on buying anything to cut up for a quilt, just for me to wear and put around my house.

A perfect planter for a pretty flower outside at the table:
Liberty of London Planter

This dress – which I will be making knee length. The hubby isn’t a fan of long dresses.
Liberty of London Dress

A swimsuit….last year I refused to wear one all summer. Hey, I had just had a baby! But he’s 1 now and I’m out of excuses. And no, I won’t be modeling this one for the blog. LOL
Liberty of London Swimsuit

This adorable box which I think will find a home in my sewing area.
Liberty of London Box

Also….not really a sign of spring but I received my Heather Ross mushroom fabric from Spoonflower yesterday. After reading about all the fading issues, I decided to just go with 1 yard of a light print. I am still thinking about using it to make something for my daughter. I’ll probably just hand wash it delicate in that case.
Heather Ross Spoonflower

March 18, 2010   5 Comments

Anna Maria + Denyse = A Cute Little Dress

Evening Empire Dress Bodice

I didn’t waste any time, did I? Just in time for **snow!?!** this Sunday, I finished the Evening Empire Dress by Anna Maria Horner. I just love how it turned out! The red fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks Diamond Mine Pomegranate. It’s actually a much softer color in real life – the camera/flash don’t do it justice. I added a bit of Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt. Don’t the 2 fabrics look like they were made for each other?

Evening Empire Dress Full

There is only one thing I would have done differently and it wasn’t a problem with the pattern, but my own doing. I made a size larger in the skirt portion because I was convinced I needed to per my measurements. Well, since the fabric is gathered, I certainly didn’t need to size the skirt up and it just makes the dress fuller in the gathering area. So next time I’ll do everything the same size.

Overall the pattern was easy to follow and my invisible zipper even ended up, well, invisible! GASP! I did sew the bodice in scrap fabric first to make sure I knew what I was doing with the good stuff. I would suggest also doing that as it helped answer some of my questions and then I just blew though it with the final fabric.

Evening Empire Dress Skirt

If I am lucky and the kids let me shower sometime soon (and the weather warms up), I may post a picture of the dress actually on me! But trust me, it fits great (I’m wearing it as I type!) And my 3 year old told me “mommy, your dress is beautiful! I wish I had a dress like that and we could match.” :)

ETA: Some people asked about the lining. You’ll want to line it and the pattern actually includes the lining directions. I had left over red fabric and used that and it’s perfect. So, for an XS top and S bottom, I ordered 3 yards of the voile and had left over even after lining it. I saw someone else online suggest lining with a less expensive voile (Robert Kauffman I think). I haven’t looked for it online, but I’m assuming it exists. :)

ETA again! :) Ok, here I am modeling it with and without the cardigan. Be kind! LOL
Anna Maria Horner's Evening Empire Dress

Anna Maria Horner's Evening Empire Dress

March 17, 2010   22 Comments