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Bernina Cutwork Tool

Bernina Cutwork Contents

Last October when I ordered my Bernina sewing machine and embroidery module, I also ordered the Bernina Cutwork Tool. This thing promised to be so cool. It is a blade that goes in where your sewing machine needle would normally go, and cuts fabric based on your designs in the Bernina software.

I’m not sure if you noticed on the right, but I have a little hair clip business, One Lil Cupcake. I have been waiting for this tool to arrive to step up the automation of my business. And after a long wait, (and a little drama!), I have my hands on it!

Now I must learn to use it. LOL I installed the software and am in the process of tinkering around. I will write up a review once I have a chance to work with the tool.

Bernina Cutwork Tool

February 11, 2010   7 Comments

Oh Happy Joy!

1 Bernina Boxes

It finally came (yesterday)! My Bernina Aurora 440QEE! Say hello to the nicest thing in my house now. LOL What can I say? It’s awesome. No more machine moving across the table while I sew, no more extra stitches after I take my foot off the pedal. No more wonky seam allowances.

At first I was a bit worried about the learning curve. I couldn’t even figure out how to put the accessories in the accessory box! But the manual is great. I even did some test embroidery. I am able to take 5 classes through my Bernina dealer and have already signed up for the first class on my machine and the first embroidery class.

So, I thought I would share the photos I took while opening the boxes and getting set up! Enjoy!

2 Opening

Machine and Toys:
3 Machine Packaged

What’s in the Sewing Machine Box:
4 Aurora 440QEE

Embroidery Module:
5 Embroidery Module

All Set Up:
6 Aurora 440QEE Setup

Testing Embroidery:
7 Testing Embroidery

October 28, 2009   15 Comments