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A Weekend at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend in Cedarburg, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts. Saturday I participated in the Menu of Modern Event. Lee Heinrich, Jeni Baker, Jacquie Gering and I each spent some time talking to the group about our quilts, design and color. We also had a Q&A panel session and book signing. What a great group! It was a lot of fun to meet several of you. The museum itself is in a restored barn with areas for classes, exhibits and a gift shop. So cute! I’m thinking I need to take my mom up there next time she is in town.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Sunday, Lee and I stayed for Jacquie’s class on the Slice and Insert technique. Somehow I’ve never taken one of Jacquie’s classes and this was the absolute perfect opportunity to spend some time learning from her amongst friends.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

She spent a lot of time talking technique and sharing class samples.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I am in LOVE with her red and white plus quilt. Don’t be surprised if you see me make one of these in the future!

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I brought several shades of turquoise for my block backgrounds, and ivory + black prints for my strips. Here I am “auditioning” my first block.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

This is how the final fabrics and placements turned out.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

After I got the hang of it, the blocks came faster. I ended up making 3 for the day.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Here’s Lee, Jacquie and I – in what Jacquie called a Vintage Modern Sandwich! Ha!

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

It was a great weekend and reminded me how much fun it is to get together with friends and sew. If only there was more time in each day, right?

January 15, 2014   21 Comments

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Happy New Year! Every January I spend a little time reflecting on the previous 12 months. What I accomplished…what I didn’t finish up…and my goals for the upcoming year. Last January, my biggest goal was to take it a bit easier. By the end of 2012 I had just submitted the projects and manuscript for the book and I was exhausted. I think I did a pretty good job this year of slowing down. I thought it’d be fun to do a little summary here. (Fun for me anyway! lol)

The biggest accomplishment of 2013 was the release of my first book – Vintage Quilt Revival. We’ve had an awesome response to it so far, and I thank you (THANK YOU!) so much!

I made a lot of quilts this year – some shown above. Probably not as many as previous years, but I’m really happy with what I finished. I have several additional tops that need wrapping up as well. That should probably be one of my first goals for 2014.

I hosted the Lighthouse Quilt Along and was excited to see several of your finished quilts and hear success stories from first time paper piecers.

I visited several quilt guilds to speak and teach, and was lucky enough to attend Quilt Con and Fall Quilt Market. Unfortunately, all the traveling and time away (even just evenings and weekends) got to be a bit too hard for our family, so this year I’m wrapping up my calendar and only attending a few events. I’m sure there will be more time for additional traveling once my kids are a bit older and don’t think I’m cool to hang out with anymore. ;)

I added a new page to my blog, Community Giving, to highlight current ways to help those in need. (Details on the page if you’d like your organization listed.)

And I hosted monthly Great Big Giveaway Days from my awesome sponsors! They were so popular that I’m going to host those again throughout 2014 (yay)!

For 2014, I have a few quilting and blogging related goals:

1 ~ Create more charity quilts
2 ~ Create more gift quilts
3 ~ Spend more time teaching my daughter to sew (and be more patient in the process)
3 ~ Finish some of my quilt tops (at least my Arkansas Traveler one!)
4 ~ Sew with fabric lines less and scrappy prints more
5 ~ Continue to write patterns
6 ~ Work more on improving my photography
7 ~ Destash all the fabric that’s been sitting in a destash pile here for 4 months!

Here’s to a wonderful and creative year for everyone out there!

January 1, 2014   18 Comments

American Patchwork & Quilting Radio ~ Today!


I’m back from a week away and hitting the ground running today! This afternoon I’m a guest on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan. I’ll be talking about my post on Community Giving and other fun quilty goodness.

You can listen live by clicking on this link at 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central, 2pm mountain, and 1pm Pacific. If you miss the live show, you can listen later on your computer, subscribe by iTunes (search American Patchwork & Quilting), or download to a player. You can find more details about how to listen on Pat’s blog page.

I hope you will all tune in!

++ Update ++
You can now listen to the recorded version by clicking on this link and scrolling down the the Podcast player. It’s the show listed on 7-8-13.

July 8, 2013   6 Comments

A Weekend in Wisconsin

I just returned from such a fun weekend, sewing with friends, in Madison. Wisconsin has been a bit of an unexpected surprise for me. I live in Illinois, grew up in Ohio, have lived in Indiana. I’m used to seeing farms and cornfields. But something about the farms in Wisconsin, with the rolling hills…I really think it is so beautiful.

Plus, I love cheese. And there’s no shortage in Wisconsin!

So Friday night I drove up to this wonderful little log cabin for a weekend of sewing with Holly, Jeni, Deedee, Jacey and Anna. It is so nice to spend a weekend sewing and laughing with friends.

I’m really lucky to have a supportive husband who encourages me to take time away like this to relax.

Although we spent a lot of time in our little chalet sewing, we also spent Saturday afternoon checking out Madison. We got to see Jeni’s apartment (basically where all her amazing design happens!)

And we shopped (a lot) at The Sewcial Lounge!

Besides talking and eating all the delicious food Deedee made us, I spent the entire weekend working on a stack of 140 little blocks.

These are the fabrics I just received from Modern Yardage plus some extras from my fabric stash.

I highly recommend organizing a sewing weekend with friends. I’m so grateful for these wonderful people near me!

Also, just a quick note that today is the last day of my big pattern sale. If you were thinking about getting one, this is your last chance for the 50% off discount. Thanks everyone!

July 2, 2013   18 Comments