Although this is mainly a quilting blog, it is also my personal space where I try to chronicle events in my life. This is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and I would be remiss if I didn't spend a bit of time remembering and reflecting. Emotionally I am having a hard time watching and reading the news this week. I am happy I have this blog.

Ten years ago, I was a year into my first job out of college and living in Indianapolis. I was due to fly out to LA with some girlfriends a couple days later for a long weekend. Life was pretty carefree.

I will never forget that morning at work when my mom called me to say a plane had hit the World Trade Center in NYC. I thought it was simply an accident. I was still on the phone with her when she screamed and then said a second plane hit. At that moment our whole world changed.

I remember the entire office crowded around a tv with crappy reception. I remember seeing coworkers crying. I remember going home and watching the news with my roommate, in shock that something like this had happened during "my generation". That all those innocent people, who had done nothing but go to work that day, had died. It was like the end of our innocence.

Ten years later I am in my 30's. I am married. I am a mother. Knowing that I am raising my kids in a world where terrorism has been added to the list of worries for them is a tough pill to swallow. But I do have hope for them, that their generation will be honorable, strong and brave. I hope these fears won't be a shadow over them forever. And I know we will never forget.

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