Winter Rainbow Quilting

Winter Rainbow Quilting

It’s about time, right? I love this quilt, but it has been hanging over my head for what seems like forever. I think it’s my love of it that is the reason behind the length of time it’s taken me to create it. First I wasn’t sure of the layout. I wanted it to be perfect. Then I wasn’t sure what to do for the backing. Then I wasn’t sure the thread color and quilting design. And already I’m not sure of the binding. Does this ever happen to you?

Well I have quilt a few quilts in progress, so I decided I needed to make a decision and act. Here’s to one step closer to finishing this quilt!


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    Faith this is GORGEOUS! You haven’t made a wrong decision yet, I’d say!
    As for the binding… go with your favorite color from all those used… I don’t think you could go wrong with ANY of the fabrics I see peeking out!

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    oh gosh, this is GORGEOUS! wow! i love the way the bright colors pop out int he midst of the white and grey. i think no matter what you do with the binding, it will look great. i can’t wait to see this finished!

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    anne says

    Wow what an awesome quilt, love the colours, is there a pattern for this one as i would love to make one toooooooooo. Go Girl.

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    I love this quilt! Really, I love all of your work. Can’t wait to see it finished. Yes, I get stuck on each step of the quilting process sometimes. At times it is clear what binding, pattern, etc to use, but a lot of the time there are too many options and your don’t want to screw up all the work you’ve already done! I understand.

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