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Today I’m very happy to share with you a new sponsor here on the blog – and a new shop to me – LoveQuilting.com! LoveQuilting.com is an online fabric shop started by owner Nancy Ottaviano. I am always completely interested in how those in the fabric and quilting industry got their start, so I asked Nancy to tell me a little bit about her history.

Nancy ~ “I started my career in the 1980’s in the construction industry, as one of very few women at the time. I proudly worked my way up to the role as Chief Estimator for a commercial metal stud framing and drywall contractor. Along the way, in the early 2000’s, I found my inner passion for quilting.

While I love the modern quilt movement, and I am inspired by contemporary art quilting, and I respect the traditional quilt style, I don’t classify myself one way or another. I consider my quilt style to be eclectic. What is eclectic, you ask? The adjective, eclectic, describes people who choose from different sources. In my case, I have found inspiration from all 3 of the above mentioned quilt styles.

I created this online quilt shop as a portal to share my passion for not just the luscious fabrics available today, but also for the process of creating wonderful quilt projects. Lovequilting.com carries only top quality quilt fabric to offer you an enjoyable shopping experience. If you have a special request, feel free to email me.”

I had a great time clicking around Nancy’s shop. She carries Fabric, Kits, Patterns and Accessories.

You cannot go wrong with blenders, perfect for building your stash…

Great bold designs…

Handy tools…

You can keep in touch with LoveQuilting.com through the following links:

Instagram and Connected Threadz as Lovequilting.com

Big welcome LoveQuilting.com!


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    Maddie says

    I just checked out the website and found it was very easy to navigate. I loved looking through all the fabrics and I just bought 2 yards of some rainbow spotted fabric to use in a new project. So excited!

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      Hi Julie,

      My cart is currently set up for yardage but my webmaster is working on modifying the cart to accept partial yardage. Until that is done, please leave a comment at the checkout process and I will accommodate your request and adjust the charge amount.

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