Vintage Picnic

Vintage Picnic Front

Please tell me this has happened to some of the other quilt bloggers out there. You make a quilt. You find the perfect spot to photograph said quilt. Your loving husband drives 15 minutes to the location after work with you, kids in tow, and holds the quilt for many photos. You get home, very excited to see the photos, and realize the quilt was held sideways the entire time (front and back)? I know there technically isn’t a correct direction for most quilts. And no one would really notice. Except me.

Vintage Picnic Detail

I do love this quilt though. I used the latest fabric collections by Denyse Schmidt, Picnic and Fairgrounds, found surprisingly at JoAnns. Did you hear she has another collection coming out there later this summer called Sugar Creek? Can’t wait!

Vintage Picnic Drape

I started these blocks shortly after buying the fabric. Each block focuses on one of the 16 prints I bought from the collections. There are a couple small exceptions for added interest, but not many. I then used a variety of Kona solids from my stash.

Vintage Picnic Back

The back (also sideways in this photo – yellow should be top right) contains mostly my favorite print in the collection, Picnic – Floral on Texture. I also included Modern Texture in yellow and Modern Ditzy in red. The binding is Modern Texture in blue. I quilted it with straight lines, about 1/2″ from the side of the block seams and then diagonal through the blocks as well.

I really love the colors in this collection. They are right up my alley, thus earning this quilt a prime spot hanging on the wall in my sewing room. Now I can look at it all the time.

Vintage Picnic Correct Orientation

And just so I can sleep tonight, here is a photo of the quilt in the orientation that I envisioned when I made it. Phew, I feel better now. 🙂


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    LOL – can’t say it ever happend to me. Most of my photographs are poor lighted pictures taken inside the house way to late in the night just because I’m excited about the progress. But I keep promising myself that I need to make better pictures so most likely I will have an upside down picture soon as well 😉

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      I couldn’t even BELIEVE my luck when we drove by that barn the other week, in the middle of Chicago suburbia. And each side of it is cool in a different way! I can’t wait to go back. 🙂

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    love the quilt!

    i can’t say that’s every happened to me, but i have experienced a very impatient boyfriend when i’ve told him, “no, it’s upside down. rotate it. no, rotate it again. no, the other way,” and him saying, “what does it matter???”

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    Lindsey F. says

    Great quilt! I totally get it about the orientation of a quilt. I am always telling my husband “THIS” is the top of the quilt and he can never understand what difference it makes. LOL

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    Faith…you’re so funny. Of course it has happened to me! The quilts are SO gorgeous no one else would guess they are turned the wrong way for the pictures. Worry no more!


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    I love your quilt!! These really are beautiful fabrics. And a great location for a photo shoot – I usually do mine in the house or backyard as I am too embarrassed to take my quilts out in public:)

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    I’ve never driven to a location for a photo shoot but I have taken photos of my quilts in the “wrong” orientation – very frustrating. Must be even more so when you drove to you location!

    The quilt looks good – whichever way you look at it!

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    Erin says

    Last night DS age 2 insisted. INSISTED. his new birthday quilt, made of out of print, hard to come by, paid too much for FQs on etsy, lush by erin michaels fr moda, quilt be backing up when I tried to tuck him in last night.

    Btw theres supposedly going to be new DS collections rolling out every 3 mo for the rest of the year. Pretty exciting. I live what you have done with yours!!

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