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I finished my first twin quilt! This quilt was made for my husband’s cousin’s son (got that? LOL) who is moving to his “big boy” bed from his crib. I had a great time making it, and I feel like I’ve really accomplished something as it’s the biggest quilt I’ve made so far.


I was thinking of everything I used for this quilt…12 yards of fabric, 130-7.5″ squares, 500+ meters of thread, 1 package of batting, 350 basting safety pins, 3 hours of sewing binding….I feel like I should finish by singing “And a partridge in a pear tree!”

This one is quilted free motion and it took about 4 hours which was less time than I expected. I knew that binding would take a while though and it did! Totally worth it though. Does anyone else start getting REALLY excited when you see that you are almost done hand sewing that binding and nearing completion?

The back is a Kona Solid and stripe of the fabrics used on the front.


I just love these “windy quilt” photos. And one thing we have a lot of in Chicago is wind.

I also made a pillowcase using this tutorial and a throw pillow from the scraps. I think this will make an adorable little boy room that he can grow into for years to come!


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    It is wonderful….it represents a surfer boy perfectly!! I love all the prints and colors. All your hard work paid off, and if your husband’s cousin’s son is as much of a surfer boy as mine, he will cherish this quilt with all his heart!!

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    I love it! You did a great job coordinating the tone-on-tones with the stars/stripes/dots and the surfer prints…not too much of anything and they look great together. The pillow and the pillowcase are the perfect touch. Lucky little guy!

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    This is looks so great! It really is something that will grow with him. I love the orange and blue combo.

    I was stitching a binding last night, and I was just wishing my fingers would go faster so I could be finished!

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    Very nice! Thats quite the accomplishment! I love getting to the hand-stitched binding part – because I know I’m almost done! Some people DESPISE doing the binding, I don’t get that though 🙂
    LOVE the prints you chose – perfect for a little boy!

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    Kara says

    Well done- it looks great! I’m not sure I have made any progress on mine since you saw it – LOL! Actually, I started to and then my bobbin ran out of thread and, well, I let that signal a break (which has now lasted about a week).

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    Do you happen to recall the name of the Kona Solid…lagoon? I have these All Star fabrics and plan to make a quilt for my son. That is a gorgeous shade of blue!

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    Leah says

    Just wondering where you found those surfer fabrics? My son is totally into surfing and I love this quilt.

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    Mary says

    I just love this quilt! I am a beginning quilter and have so enjoyed catching up with your blog! Do you mind me asking what size of squares you used for this quilt (and potentially for any other single square patchwork quilts you’ve made)? Thank you!

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      Mary, Thank you so much! This quilt has 7.5″ squares. I do like to use various sizes though depending on the desired end size of the quilt. Anywhere from 2.5″ to 7.5″.

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