The Traveling Quilts ~ Round Five

The Traveling Quilts for Heather

I’m back from the Sewing Summit! And very, VERY tired. In fact, very, VERY tired might be an understatement! I am planning a post about the long weekend away, but it’s all so overwhelming at the moment. I need some time to wrap my head around it all before typing it out. (It was an awesome time though!)

The Traveling Quilts for Heather

In the meantime, I thought I’d share the latest round of The Traveling Quilts. This month I had Heather’s quilt. Her quilt featured a variety of neutrals and geometric shapes (herringbones and the like). I believe Penny added in the large fish.

I decided to add a pop of color. My addition is the column on the right. Starting with a big chunk of a wine red Oakshott cotton, then some tiny strip columns of a combination of Oakshotts, a couple prints already in the quilt and neutrals. I finished the column with a deep chocolate brown Oakshott cotton.

I hope you like what I added Heather! Ashley now has the quilt and I’m sure she’s adding something really amazing.



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    October 16, 2012

    I’m following all your quilts and I must say, this one is one of my favorite. What you guys do each month is so fabulous !! And I love the extra colors 🙂 It’s a very nice additon.

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    October 16, 2012

    I love the color you added. Especially the greens really pop even because of the neutrals used everywhere else. I also love the fish and the upper left section with the “missing circle.” I can’t wait to see what happens to this next.

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    October 16, 2012

    Great color choices. I especially like that wine color with the rest of the prints and solids.

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    October 16, 2012

    Love this! The oakshot really brings it together. It has been so fun to see these travelling quilts come together via everyone’s blog….

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    October 16, 2012

    Holy Shiz!! I love it all so MUCH Faith!! I feel like the luckiest TQ member with how amazing my quilt is turning out!! Bloody brilliant to add in the color!! 😀

    Xxx, H

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    Maureen Cracknell Handmade

    October 16, 2012

    I love the colors you added! Whenever I see these traveling quilts I am always amazed!!

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    October 17, 2012

    Fabulous quilt, great fabrics and wonderful design. I just love the uniqueness of this quilt!

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    October 17, 2012

    awesome! can’t believe I said no to joining in on this!

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    stephanie @ providence handmade

    October 18, 2012

    I cannot stop looking at this quilt. Don’t tell, but it’s my favorite traveling quilt so far. ((What an awesome group to be a part of!))

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    November 5, 2012

    I so desperately want this quilt! It is my favorite so far, too! I read something about modern quilts not using these types of colors, but I have to ask, why not?!? It’s just gorgeous, and your addition was perfect!

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    Coastal gray

    January 15, 2014

    It so needed what you added, bold, solid, can’t imagine it without that, great addition….