The Ice Cream Dress

It’s done! I ended up spending all evening working on the dress for the sew along. Probably not the best idea because I made several mistakes (one of which still needs to be fixed done!), but I do think it turned out quite well. The brown isn’t as dark as it appears in these photos.

I found this cool button in my button drawer. I really never buy buttons, I just save all the extras that I get with shorts and pants.

In the spirit of full disclosure, here is just a handful of the many mistakes that left me hating my seam ripper:
1. Put the button loop too low – my bad karma for putting on a button, my daughter hates buttons.
2. Assembled the yoke wrong – fixed
3. Top stitched pockets wrong – fixed
4. Top stitched the pockets closed on the dress! – fixed
5. Top stitched the bottom of the pockets in dark thread (looked bad) – fixed
6. Attached the front yoke to dress wrong and now I have an exposed seam inside – will fix today fixed

Please tell me you all also occasionally have sewing disasters. (Hopefully everyone is nodding in agreement right now.) Really, this dress is not *that* difficult. I certainly made it harder than it was. I will either blame it on mommy brain, my inability to follow written directions, or sewing in the late night. 🙂 But now that I have the hang of it, I will probably make more. Definitely love the dress!

Here it is with it’s new owner…coordinates quite well with a Hello Kitty band aid if I do say so myself.


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    Stephanie says

    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing all of your mishaps. I’ve made too many to count and was feeling a little down on myself. It took me WAY too long simply sew the bodice together! 🙂 I think I’ll just blame mine on not reading all the directions before moving forward!

    I’ll tell you though, even with all of that it looks just beautiful on her! It might have a little to do with the beautiful model though! 🙂

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    Awesome job Faith! It looks great on her. Thank you for full disclosure. It seems the more I quilt the worse I become at garment sewing, so all tips are appreciated. I have the pattern and fabric all cut out but I’m going to be waaay behind on the sew along.

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    the dress is so cute! it looks great on your daughter! i have sewing disasters as well. as a matter or fact, i just had a one this past week. 🙂

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    Amy (badskirt) says

    If I sew when I’m tried, it all goes pear-shaped at this end. Wonky seams, sleeves half-attached. Definitely blame night-time sewing.

    The end result looks terrific though, no one would be any wiser! And you know what to avoid when you decide to make her another one some day! Gorgeous dress. Gorgeous model.

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