Briar Rose Knits

I did it. I made something with knits. You know when people tell you that sewing with knits isn’t as scary as it sounds? They’re lying. 😉 Ok, maybe not. I mean, I was successful. But I wouldn’t exactly say I enjoyed myself.

After buying a few Briar Rose quilting cottons, I really wanted to get a yard of the jersey knit strawberries to make a skirt for my daughter. I started Googling for sewing tips and found a really nice summary on Pretty Prudent. Armed with my ballpoint needle and stretch stitch, I got to work.

I just don’t know how people don’t get completely annoyed with how knit is constantly rolling up on itself. Please, someone tell me. LOL Once I had it pinned all over, I felt better, but it tested my patience.

This skirt is based off the Oliver + S Lazy Day Skirt Pattern, which I’ve made so many times I don’t even need the pattern anymore. My daughter’s favorite type of skirt. It’s cozy and cute, but might be my last time touching knits for awhile. 🙂