The Ship Shape Tote

Ship Shape Tote 1

Yep, another bag! (And I’m working on a third one right now too, so I hope you like totes.) Last month at the Sewing Summit I was super lucky to have the chance to take Alexia Abegg of Green Bee Design’s class. Alexia is not only talented but also a very, very nice person and I was thrilled to be able to spend a couple hours with her, working on her Ship Shape Tote pattern.

Ship Shape Tote Pieces

We all cut our fabrics at home and I decided to use 12 different prints, rather than 2 like in the example. Each side of my tote has the same set of fabrics, but in a different order. The fabric is a mix of Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics (Field Study, Good Folks, Innocent Crush), Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee, Bari J’s Splendor 1920, Art Gallery Fabrics Indie and Cloud9’s Nature Walk. For the lining I chose Alexander Henry’s Heath in chocolate and added a bit of Cloud9’s Cut Out and Keep because I didn’t have enough of the crosshatch. The straps are a solid chocolate brown.

Ship Shape Tote 2

This was the first time I’ve sewn with such heavy weight interfacing. I really love the sturdy shape it gives the bag. (Mine’s a little wrinkled right now from being shoved under an airline seat.)

Ship Shape Tote 3

The shape of the tote is great too. The slight angled look is really cool and the flat bottom really lets you put a lot in the bag. I really pushed it to it’s limits when I loaded it up as my carry on on the way home from Salt Lake City.

Ship Shape Tote Bottom

I’m already thinking this will be a great pool bag for the summer. I think it will fit all our beach towels, sunscreen, pool toys and snacks and it won’t tip over and let everything spill out.

Ship Shape Tote 4

For my USA friends, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! I have so much to be thankful for and I can’t wait to celebrate with family. xox

Sewing Summit 2012

Ready or not, I’m going to post about my Sewing Summit experience! You’ve probably read a few recaps over the last several days. I think I was hesitant to write anything because I guess that would be accepting that it’s over. I just had so much fun. Last year when I went I was a bit nervous. I was meeting everyone in person for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect. This year wasn’t just about meeting more new people, but solidifying those friendships that had grown over the last year.

Open sewing with @swimbikequilt and @dmcstudios #sewingsummit
My awesome roommates Katie and Mary

I arrived late Wednesday night and was lucky enough to stay with Katie and Lee at the home of Katie’s sister-in-law Mary, who I had met a bit last year. Mary is just the nicest, funniest, most genuine person and was one of my roomies for the weekend. Katie isn’t half bad either. 😉 Ha, hi Katie – love ya!! 🙂 Seriously though, I count myself very lucky to have become great friends with both Katie and Lee over the last year and a half.

Pine Needles!
Lee, Brooke, Terri, Amy, Kelly and Elena

Thursday a few of us went on an informal shop hop to Pine Needles and Material Girls. Both were great shops! And the bonus was the waffles before the shopping and the ice cream at the end of the shopping.

Photo by Amy (Sukie)

Basically, we ate, bought fabric, ate.

Lunch time with @sukie80 @kelbysews @freshlypieced @sewfantastic ! #sewingsummit

Thursday evening was the Welcome Reception and then we went to the new City Creek mall in downtown SLC – I’m not a huge mall person but it was really amazing. Plus I had some really great Mexican food at Red Iguana – I can never say no to Mexican food!

Setting up for class! #sewingsummit

Friday I taught my first class with Kati.

Another great teacher @sewingsummit Sweetest really! @freshlemonsquilts
Nerdy photo of me by Amy (Sukie)

We had a lot of information to get through in an hour and 15 minutes, but we just made it!

Kati and Me
Kati and I

Everyone in the class was super nice and I heard a lot of people have those “aha” moments, or say “this isn’t as hard as I thought!” I think that is the sign of a successful class.

Cafe Molise! #sewingsummit  @freshlypieced @provhandmade @fussycut @oneshabbychickhawaii @mybricole @jenib320 @swimbikequilt @dmcstudios @lucyandnorman
Me, Lee, Stephanie, Angela, Megan, Amber, Deedee, Jeni, Katie, Mary

Friday night a little group of us went to Caffe Molise, a local Italian restaurant. If you live in SLC, you must go there! Great service, awesome food, live music. I think everyone loved what they ordered.

SLCMQG mixer #sewingsummit

After dinner we ran through the rain to a party organized by Amy (Sukie!) and the Salt Lake City Modern Quilt Guild. Check out all that bunting! That’s what happens when quilters invade a bar.

Waffle time! #sewingsummit

Saturday I had ANOTHER waffle from Bruges and then taught again first thing in the morning. Lunch time had a special speaker – Joel Dewberry! Wow, what a humble, nice guy. Makes me want to go buy all his fabric. He had samples of his upcoming line Notting Hill. I’ve already picked out the fabric I want to use on my Weekender!

Joel Dewberry! #sewingsummit

We also had a banquet dinner with speaker Nancy Soriano, former Editor-in-Chief of Country Living Magazine. She spoke on her Creative Journey, it was really interesting and also inspiring to hear the story of a successful career woman and mom.

Sunday was the day everyone started leaving. I will be honest, when I woke up I was so sad! Of course I missed my family but I didn’t want to say goodbye to everyone. I was lucky enough to find some people in the lobby and have a nice group breakfast.

Last breakfast at @sewingsummit
Photo by Amber

Then I decided to play tourist for awhile and walk around the city.

I walked up a big hill but this was my reward #statecapitol #sewingsummit

I visited the Temple and the State Capital building. (My legs were still sore 2 days later from walking up that hill!) Then I headed to the airport for my trip home.

That's right, I'm obsessed with the mountains. #latergram

I said this last year and I’ll say it again. I really recommend trying to go the Sewing Summit at least once. Hopefully it’s an annual thing! It’s allowed me to make friends that enjoy doing what I do, friends that now I get to meet up with during the rest of the year (here and here). The classes are great, but really the social experience is why I go. When else will I stay up until 1am sewing and laughing with friends?

Thank you SO much to the amazing Erin and the rest of the Sewing Summit staff for all their hard work. Also huge thanks to Ali who coordinated everything with the teaching staff. They were all wonderful – keep in mind this is no ones full time job. Really amazing.

So I guess that’s it! I have lots more photos on my Flickr photostream that you can check out. It was a great long weekend!

Triangle Brights

Triangle Brights

It’s finally here! The day I leave for the Sewing Summit. I am finishing up my packing today and will be catching a late flight this evening. Just in time, I finished up this final class sample last night. This quilt is a little example of what you can make with equilateral triangles.

Triangle Brights

I combined fabrics from my stash with some of Laurie Wisbrun’s upcoming Roughing It line. My son tells me the red camper print is his favorite (mine too!).

Triangle Brights

I quilted this one with straight lines on 1/4″ of each side of the seams. Then I bound it in white (an attempt to give the illusion of the colors floating down the middle).

Triangle Brights

This will probably be my last blog post until I return after the weekend. If you happen to follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@freshlemonsquilts), I will try to post weekend updates as I go along. For those that are joining me in Salt Lake City, I will see you soon!

A little taste of Fall before I leave 🙂

Cutting Equilateral Triangles ~ A Tutorial

Cutting 60 Degree Triangles ~ Tutorial by Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts

Next month, Kati of From the Blue Chair and I are going to be teaching a class at the Sewing Summit called “Shapes and Angles”. Kati is going to show everyone how to sew Y-Seams using Hexagons and Diamonds. I’m going to focus on Partial Seams and Equilateral Triangles. Because our class time is limited to 1 hour 15 minutes, we are asking everyone to cut their fabric at home ahead of time and bring the pieces to class.

Kati has posted cutting directions on her blog (here and here). Additional class details can be found in the Sewing Summit Google Group thread titled Shapes and Angles Class.

Let’s dig deep and try to remember Trigonometry class. I know, it’s painful. You probably remember that an equilateral triangle has three 60° angles. In order to cut your fabric for these triangles, you will need a ruler with 60° angle markings – there are two lines that represent 60°. The ruler does not have to be a special ruler for cutting triangles. Just needs the angle markings.

60Degree Line Markings

Let’s get started!

Cutting Equilateral Triangles

Step 1: Cut a 4″ tall strip of fabric.


Step 2: Using your quilting ruler, line up the 60° line marking along the bottom of your fabric strip.


Step 3: Using your rotary cutter, cut your fabric on the ruler angle.


Step 4: Next we are going to cut the third side of the triangle. Remember how your ruler has a 60° marking line going to 2 directions? This time, use other 60° line marking that you did not use the first time. (You will alternate marking lines, every other time you cut.) Make sure the ruler is lined up properly to create the top point of the triangle. Cut your fabric along the ruler edge to create your first equilateral triangle.


Step 5: Continue down the strip of fabric, lining up the 60° line marking and cutting additional triangles.


Enjoy all your pretty triangles!


A Special Note for Those in my Sewing Summit Class:
Bring at least 20 of these triangles to the Sewing Summit class. Although you are welcome to just bring triangles cut from one 42″ strip of fabric, you may want to bring a variety of prints/colors for fun.

Please bring the below additional cut fabric pieces for the Partial Seams portion of the class.
(32) 1.75″ x 5.25″ rectangles in various colors/prints
(8) 4″ x 4″ squares in neutral color/print

We will be beginning work on these sample blocks in class: