Spidey ~ A Finished Quilt

Spidey Quilt : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Despite this lingering flu turned cold, I finished the Spidey quilt! (I apologize in advance if this post is a bit delirious!) I rallied on Tuesday night and quilted it, then added the binding on Wednesday morning. Who says you can’t pair Spiderman fabric with Denyse Schmidt and Anna Maria Horner? I think it turned out pretty cute!

Unfortunately it was a cold and dreary day, and the ground is still wet with the remnants of 5 inches of Spring snow we had on Monday. I wanted to get some better pictures before gifting it yesterday afternoon, but just didn’t have the opportunity to go anywhere besides my deck.

Spidey Quilt : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I mentioned in my last post that I used the same design as my Aye Aye Captain quilt. The rectangles are cut 3″ x 10″ and there are 6 columns and 24 rows. Like the Aye Aye Captain quilt, I rounded the corners of this quilt. I just love that look! I simply turned a bowl upside down and used it to mark the corners and cut. When rounding your corners, the only thing you need to remember is to use bias cut binding so it will curve nicely around those edges. (I learned that the hard way early on into quilting).

Spidey Quilt : Fresh Lemons Quilts

This time I quilted it on each side of the seams, about 1/2″ away. I just used the edge of my foot as a guide. The backing is a navy blue minky. A few of you asked if I use batting still when I make a quilt with minky. I do! I really like the weight of a quilt with a lightweight batting (I use Quilter’s Dream Request Loft) and minky.

And you can see from the quilting, it has a nice “poof” to it as well. I just use a lot of pins when basting – about one every 3 inches – and make sure the pressure of my foot when quilting is adjusted to not be super heavy. I adjusted my BERNINA 750QE pressure setting from 50 to 0 when quilting this quilt.

Hanna Hearts and Spidey Quilt : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Hanna Hearts and Spidey are now living with their new owners, a couple special new members of our family. I’m hoping they are much loved!

Aye Aye Captain!

Aye Aye Captain Quilt

One of the fun things about living with a 3 or 4 year old is their always-going imagination. My son has been in a pirate phase for months. He walks around with a cup on his foot (his peg leg), his finger curled like a hook and he’s even given himself a couple pirate names. Depending on the day, you can call him either Captain Willypanels or Captain Root Beard. That’s why when I saw Sarah Jane Studios fabric line Out to Sea, I knew it would make a perfect quilt for him.

Aye Aye Captain Quilt

This quilt was really easy to make. I combined several of the Out to Sea prints with other coordinating fabrics from my stash. These include some of Moda’s Mono Pez, Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelets, Sarah Jane’s Children at Play, and Aneela Hoey’s Little Apples. I think one of the keys to making a quilt that really pops is using different shades of each color. As you can see, there are several obviously different shades of blue. But also, the yellows and reds are different. The prints with the white background give your eye a place to rest.

Aye Aye Captain Quilt

I cut each rectangle 3″ x 10″ and the quilt has 6 columns and 24 rows, for a total of 144 rectangles. The finished size is 57″ x 60″.

Aye Aye Captain Quilt

I had a definite picture in my head when I started this quilt, and that vision included rounded corners. I found a circular picture frame in my house that was just the right size, and used that as a template to cut the corners. It’s such a nice detail that softens the look of all those rectangles. Just don’t forget to use bias binding when you make something with round edges, or your finished product won’t lay flat.

Aye Aye Captain Quilt

I also knew I wanted to quilt with wavy lines. It gives a nice texture and reminds me of the ocean which is perfect for this quilt. I’ve mentioned this technique before, but as a refresher, I use the Running Stitch on my machine (Bernina stitch #4) and max out the width and set the length to 4.0. I use my walking foot while quilting.

Aye Aye Captain Quilt

The backing is a dark navy minky, which made for messy quilting! I had to really work the carpet in my sewing room with the vacuum after I was done basting. The binding is a dot from Sarah Jane Studios Children at Play line.

Aye Aye Captain Quilt

My son loves the quilt. While I was working on it, he told me he wasn’t going to use it. I called his bluff though, and luckily I was right! It’s quite a nice feeling to know he’s spending time now cuddling under something I’ve made.

Lots and Lots of Baby Loveys

Guppies Lovey

I was in desperate need to replenish my shop inventory after the holidays. I spent the last couple weeks putting together these baby loveys. Of course the most fun part for me was pulling the fabrics. I think you can take just about any Heather Ross print and make a cute baby blanket out of it, don’t you? These are all around 12″ squares. I added a little ribbon on them for little baby fingers.

My little guy is almost 2 {tomorrow is his birthday!} and has practically worn the tag off his favorite cheapo Target blanket. I actually should probably get it to the sewing machine and reinforce it a bit. Things will not be pretty around here if that tag falls off! I’ve tried getting him attached to other cute *handmade* blankets, but I guess I should have attempted to form that bond earlier because he is now pretty set in his ways.

Baby Loveys

These blankets were fairly straightforward to make. The fabric is just random widths that added up to 12.5″. The backs are all different colors of minky which I stocked up on awhile back from Fabric.com. So soft. I will give you one big tip when working with minky, which is slippery and stretchy and can be frustrating when working with larger pieces. *Always* use your walking foot. It makes a world of difference.

I’ll be back in a couple days with some photos of my Spoonflower swatches that arrived this week! If you have ever been interested in just how Spoonflower works from a “designer’s” perspective, I’ll be sharing my experience. I know I was curious before walking through it all.

Happy sewing everyone!