Cutting into Liberty

Liberty of London Tana Lawn

A few weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet and cut into the Liberty of London fabrics I bought 2 years ago. (Well, start planning the cutting anyway.) Sometimes I don’t know why I buy “fancy” fabric because I just get some sort of fabric-paralysis and become too scared to use it. Two years of waiting was long enough.

A stack of Free Spirit voiles came in the mail today! I thought these would work well with my Liberty of London fabrics.
Voiles from top to bottom: Fuchsia, Rose Pink, Coral, Gold, Yellow, Cilantro, Green, Water, Seafoam, Heather, Purple, Sky

I thought if I was going to use these lovelies, I needed something soft and silky to go with them. I bought a variety of Free Spirit voile fabrics. I love voile…but it does pose some challenges. It is a bit slippery to work with, so I just pin more and try to pay extra attention when piecing. I purchased these from Hawthorne Threads. Pink Castle Fabrics also has some voile solids available.

They looks so pretty together.

Liberty + Voile

I have started some paper piecing…future pattern maybe?

Liberty Block

Can’t wait to show you more soon!

Updated to add some works in progress from today. 🙂

Piece, Piece.

Liberty + Voile

Trim, Trim.

Trim Trim

Liberty Love

Liberty of London Tana Lawn

These are 1/4 yard cuts of Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabrics from Which, interestingly enough, shipped from California, not New York. I’ll be using them for some baby items for my shop. I probably should have ironed them before taking the photos, but that’s ok. Very soft and a gorgeous drape. The designs are fabulous.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Liberty of London Tana Lawn

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

This was my second long winter since moving back to the midwest after spending 6 years in Florida. As the weather has been warming up over the last couple weeks, I’ve started to feel like I survived and am getting the itch for spring and summer. Last fall I planted bulbs for the first time and they’ve started to come up – and a few are even blooming! (Let’s not tell them that it is supposed to snow this weekend, ok?)

The stores are all carrying sundresses and fertilizer which is another sure sign that warmer weather is just around the corner. (Although if I want to be really honest, that stuff has been out since Christmas was over.) Everyone is talking about Liberty of London at Target. I decided to join in the fun too. I don’t plan on buying anything to cut up for a quilt, just for me to wear and put around my house.

A perfect planter for a pretty flower outside at the table:
Liberty of London Planter

This dress – which I will be making knee length. The hubby isn’t a fan of long dresses.
Liberty of London Dress

A swimsuit….last year I refused to wear one all summer. Hey, I had just had a baby! But he’s 1 now and I’m out of excuses. And no, I won’t be modeling this one for the blog. LOL
Liberty of London Swimsuit

This adorable box which I think will find a home in my sewing area.
Liberty of London Box

Also….not really a sign of spring but I received my Heather Ross mushroom fabric from Spoonflower yesterday. After reading about all the fading issues, I decided to just go with 1 yard of a light print. I am still thinking about using it to make something for my daughter. I’ll probably just hand wash it delicate in that case.
Heather Ross Spoonflower