Kokka Layer Cake Swap

Thank you all for your well wishes from my last post. The family is feeling much better and hopefully that is the last of the winter illnesses around here. We had a 3 day weekend due to Presidents Day and it was nice to just relax around the house.

I thought it’d be fun today to share a little about a fabric swap I hosted over the last couple of months. I really love Kokka style fabrics. They are fun to fussy cut for little projects, always so cool and quirky. The problem is, they are quite pricey. Occasionally I’ll splurge on a print or designer that I absolutely love, but I thought it would be great to have a little fabric swap to expand the stash a bit.

After talking it over with some people at Quilt Camp, I decided to host a swap with 26 people. Each person bought 2 yards of a Kokka style fabric and then cut it into 10″ squares and mailed me 26 of them. 2 yards will actually get you 28 squares, but I thought it’d be nice to have a little extra in case of cutting errors. Which of course I had when I cut mine!

Everyone in the group sent me their fabrics and I spent the weekend sorting and repackaging. Looking at my photos, I’m pretty sure there is a March of the Penguins joke in there somewhere?

We ended up with a great variety of squares and I can’t wait to work them into little patchwork projects. I really want to get Ayumi’s upcoming book Patchwork, Please! I think these fabrics would be perfect for it.

Hosting a swap is a bit of work, but I think the key is to keep it a manageable size. I also limited this swap to people I knew (or were referred to me by people I knew) and that made me confident that we would have a successful outcome. A swap like this would be great for a quilt guild too – no mailing required!

New Fabrics in the House

Well, I’ve been quite sick this week, so I have not spent any time at my sewing machine. Today’s post is going to just be some fabric eye candy. (Which we all like, right?)

The first photo up there is Type by Julia Rothman for Windham Fabrics. I absolutely love it! (And if you have a Paper Source store by you, they sell a notebook with those typewriters on the front as well.) I honestly have no idea what I’m going to actually do with it, but it was too cute to pass up.

The below fabric just came out and I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how excited they are to use it. Especially for making man-quilts for their engineer/architect husband.

It’s called Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman. There are a few additional prints that aren’t shown here – it’s a really great line. Brenda made a fantastic quilt using it at Quilt Camp.

I’m super pumped to get to work with a couple charm packs of Lotta Jansdotter‘s upcoming line, Glimma, for Windham Fabrics. This fabric will be for sale in April 2013. The colors are just beautiful and pair perfectly with Echo and Bella.

And just a few fabrics I ordered last week that arrived…

The clocks are by Melody Miller – Ruby Star Shining for Kokka. The others are a mix of Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics and Les Amis by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller Fabrics. The matching was a total accident – I was clearly in a certain color mood that week!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last minute holiday preparations. Things will be a little quiet around here while I recover from whatever bug I’ve caught and enjoy the holidays. I do have a post planned for Monday with a new quilt pattern though. I hope you will stop by!

Far, Far Away II

I finished the Far, Far Away II quilt on Saturday. Yesterday my husband was a trooper and we packed up the kids, dog, and quilt to go take pictures in the rain. Luckily it was pretty wooded so we didn’t get too incredibly wet!

I’m pretty excited about how this one turned out. This quilt consists of three types of simple blocks. One set with 3″ centers, one set with 4.5″ centers and one set with 5.5″ centers. There are 42 in total, 14 squares from each of designer Heather Ross’s colorways.

The fabric is a linen blend so it is a bit heavier in weight than quilting cotton. I think this makes for a perfect fall quilt. I have visions of draping it over the kids on wagon rides once the temperatures cool off.

I wanted the back to be a soft palate and let the designs really be the main focus. After much deliberation, I settled on Kona Peach, Butter and Ash. The binding is Kona Ash as well.

Since the linen is not as soft as the fabric I normally work with, I decided to loosely quilt this with diagonal lines. Can you believe I’ve never done diagonal quilting (I think…)? I really like the look and will definitely be quilting more that way.

The final size is 42″ x 50″. I used Dream Cotton Request Loft batting, my usual.