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What’s better than starting one new project this week? Starting two! Yes, I’m *finally* jumping on the Swoon bandwagon. I’ve wanted to make one ever since I saw Angela’s Good Folks Swoon quilt. I knew the blocks were big. But I don’t think anything prepares you for the size until you actually make one.

I only get my yardstick out for 3 things:
   1. Measuring those big Chicago snow storms.
   2. Reaching toys the kids throw under our King sized bed.
   3. Showing people how big a Swoon quilt block is. 24-1/2″!

Swoon Quilt Block : Fresh Lemons Quilts : Faith

I’m planning on mixing some prints from Avalon by Fig Tree & Co. with others from my stash. I actually haven’t picked all my fabrics yet, so there still may be a bit more ordering. I am using Kona Snow for my background. I’m not going to stress too much over a timeline for this one, but can’t wait to make more blocks and share my progress along the way.


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    Dawn says

    Love your fabric choices! And your block is so wonderfully pressed. It is so nice and crisp….I love that. 🙂
    I have not yet started my Swoon. But my fabrics have been chosen for months so I will get to it soon I hope.

  2. 5

    janine b says

    love where this is going – i jumped on the scrappy swoon quilt along – it was just one ginormous block – it is cool! my daughter loves her quilt 🙂

  3. 11

    Betty Ayers says

    Coincidentally I started, finally, my Swoon this week! It’s been cut and waiting for me since June and it’s fun to finally get going. Have to admit it’s far easier than I thought it would be and looks great. Enjoy the trip!

  4. 12


    I’ll never forget meeting my first Swoon block in person, those things are massive! Still, at least it makes a quilt top quicker, imagine all those wee bits in a 12″ block…

  5. 13

    Janet says

    I am so backed up with quilts that time and life have run away but I want one of these for MY bed all things will come in time, yeah ok love your colors can’t wait to see more!

  6. 15


    This one is on my “quilt bucket list” but every time a new collection comes into play that is the one I want to use — oh well, maybe more than one swoon quilt ?#!}

  7. 16

    elsa says

    Such sweet fabrics ~ I’ve got this one on my list too. In fact it’s taped to the wall in my sewing room. Good to know you waited so long to make it. I’ll get to it eventually too.

  8. 17

    Judith Oswald says

    I am finishing my “Swoon” quilt—my quilt group each picked and gave me a pair of fat quarters for a block as a birthday gift. I love it—this one will go in the church’s quilt auction; the next one is mine!

  9. 19

    darci says

    ive got the pattern and the craftsy class, but i have no idea when i will get it started or what fabrics to use. mmm, maybe scrappy echino from my layer cake swaps!

  10. 20

    Carolyn Loewen says

    Wow! That’s an awesome block for a one block with borders baby quilt! I can imagine a cute kid’s feature fabric in the centre. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. 24

    Tamie says

    I have one in the making. Mine doesn’t have a time line either but my youngest daughter wants me to hurry up as it will be hers. She chose Terrrain and I’m using a Bella dark grey for the background. She was afraid white or snow would show too much dirt. I guess she plans on using it.

  12. 25


    Hmmm… why is the block so big? Is each HST unit finishing at 3″ then? So you could make an 8″ finished swoon if you reduced that to 1″, right? Or is my math all messed up? (Likely!)

    In any event, your block is gorgeous. Love your fabrics as usual!

  13. 26


    Wow! I didn’t realize they were that big. I was thinking like 16 inches. Good grief! But this is one I keep thinking about as well. Maybe after these next two are done

  14. 28

    Erin in PA says

    Enjoy! I have been making my way through these blocks this summer – 3 down and 9 to go — I want mine to be 3×4 blocks for my bed. They are HUGE blocks for sure! I am using a lot of Good Fortune and some Jessi Jung fabrics that I have holding on to — greens, teals, oranges, and yellows. I am taking my time and enjoying the process. I have 3 more cut out, but have been too busy with the beginning of the school year (I teach 2nd grade) to sit at my machine for the past month!

  15. 29


    This block looks so awesome 🙂 I have fabrics pulled to make a swoon quilt, but I am trying to knock out a couple projects first.

    I can’t wait to see more of your blocks 🙂

  16. 31

    Jan says

    Beautiful block, Faith. I have the Swoon Block on my to do list also.
    I really love how your turned out. It has my kind of colors. I better get to bed(it’s 4:33 am) so I can work on my Craftsy BOM 2012.
    5 blocks done. 15 to go. lol I am making it with batik which I have never worked with before. I need to find a WIP to post to.

  17. 34

    Jen says

    Love this block! A co-worker and I made this in a larger size for a “retirement” gift for another co-worker who is leaving to start a family. We used a 10.5 inch center square and multiple colors instead of three. It really turned out so nice.
    I’m going to try this with some of my stash, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. 35


    beautiful! I have to admit: if I were to start my swoon again I wouldn’t pick white as my background. Something more reduced maybe. Or with a more vintage feel. I haven’t finished my swoon so we’ll see what I’ll do with all the white space.

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