Starfall II

Starfall II

Don’t worry, I didn’t just whip this quilt up in the last few days. (You probably figured that out based on the weather in the photo here.) Last December, I had the great opportunity to make a new, larger version and pattern of my baby Starfall quilt for Modern Quilts Unlimited, Spring 2013 issue. (See the bottom of my Publications page for pattern errata.)

I originally made this quilt for the class I co-taught at the Sewing Summit – Shapes and Angles. This quilt was an example of what you can make using the Partial Seams technique. (Speaking of…I do plan on *finally* putting up a tutorial for partial seams very soon.)

Starfall II

I fell in love, hard, with Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee collection last year. So much so, that I made this second quilt out of the same fabrics. I mixed in a few fabrics from her DS Quilts Collections from JoAnns and one perfect green print from Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks collection.

Starfall II

The background is all various shades of neutral fabrics, from Free Spirit Designer Solids and Moda Bella Solids.

Starfall II

The finished quilt measure 60″ x 72″ and I quilted it with straight lines, 1/2″ apart. As usual, that took awhile but was more than worth it in the end.

Starfall in Modern Quilts Unlimited Spring 2013

I definitely recommend picking up the magazine – not just for my quilt but for all the others inside. It’s full of beautiful patterns by all sorts of names you will probably recognize (Rossie Hutchinson, Patty Sloniger, Patty Young, Elizabeth Dackson, Victoria Findlay Wolfe and many others) and a great article about Negative Space by Jacquie Gehring.

Starfall II

I believe subscribers already should have their copies, and you will be able to find it at shops soon (if not already).


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    Faith, I just love your ability to choose different background fabrics to highlight your blocks. You should write your own book and talk about your process of choosing different fabrics. I am such a fan of yours!

  2. 5

    Janice Kinshella says

    I have been picking up some greens that I love and finally found the quilt I would like to make with them.

  3. 7

    Elizabeth Miller says

    looks like so much fun . I did recieve my magizine this week love it and i loved the article on Victoria Findlay Wolfe i had the pleasure of meeting her in her New York home two years ago she opened up her home for the American Quilters Society so we could learn about the Save Our Stories it was an awesome weekend and Victoria is a lovely lady .

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    Karen says

    Wow! How beautiful. I also love the Chicopee fabrics but haven’t done anything with mine yet.

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          I’m not able to put the magazine into the shopping cart. An email was sent without any reply by now. So unfortunately no digital issue for me either. *sigh*

          • 14


            Franziska-I had trouble at first too, but if you click Faith’s link that says Spring 2013, it should take you to an order form. If it doesn’t (and for me it did once, but not twice, when I lost connection) then click on the other link in front of that one, called Modern Quilts Unlimited. From there, click on the 3rd button from the left, on the top, called Order. I think you can take it from there and order an email subscription or a single e issue!

  5. 16

    Maeve says

    AMAZING quilt! So beautifully done! Wow!! I love how you combined the fabrics. Now I have to find a copy of this issue asap.

  6. 17


    Wow – such a beautiful quilt. Stellar! I am a sucker for anything Chicopee and this tops the lot I think. Absolutely gorgeous x

  7. 19


    This quilt is really beautiful, as always! I love your variety of neutrals, so subtle yet creates such depth. What you did with that Chicopee collection…. stunning all around!! Just love it!!!

  8. 20

    Cynthia Daugherty says

    Love your quilts / patterns! Love this quilt — sent picture to my husband to stop by store to pick up magazine on his way home. Good thing he loves me and facilitates my compulsive fabric disorder!
    I hope its there — got to make that quilt!

  9. 22

    Kristi says

    Such a lovely quilt. I’d love to make one myself trying out your method of using different shades of neutral in the background.

  10. 23


    It’s an absolutely beautiful quilt – the colours are lovely and I am so envious of your ability to lay them out in a way that is perfectly balanced!

  11. 25


    I got my copy last week and immediately fell in love with this quilt. It’s stunning! Looking forward to the partial seams tutorial!!

  12. 26

    Shannon says

    Just ordered my digital subscription. Love the digital “age.” I can go anywhere with my e-reader and have my quilt magazine library at my fingertips! Its very handy when searching shops for the perfect fabric and I’m able to access the yardage requirements! I’m also looking forward to the partial seams tutorial!! Your quilt is absolutely beautiful Faith!

  13. 27


    I love this quilt! I subscribed to the magazine as soon as it was announced and now it’s one of my favorites!! Congrats on such a beautiful quilt. 🙂

  14. 29


    Love this quilt! It really makes the best of Chicopee and the additional fabrics you chose makes the project all the better. Really pretty.

  15. 30

    Terry says

    Your quilt is So Pretty. I would love to make one similar to yours. Must track down
    that book. Thanks.

  16. 31

    Mary Val says

    Hmm……. must go to Barnes & Noble today and look for the mag with pattern! It’s a wonderful quilt.

  17. 33

    Melanie says

    I got my issue in the mail and I LOVE your quilt. I can’t wait to make it…I even Chicopee in my stash 🙂

  18. 34


    Just bought a subscription! Love your pattern, love the magazine! Am now heading to the fabric store! To a prior comment – I also was not able to download this copy and had to buy a subscription. I guess it is still bundled and not considered a back issue.

  19. 36


    when I saw this quilt, went right on-line ordered mag, and will be my work in progress for the summer of collecting fabric while on road. Beautiful!

  20. 37

    SheilaM says

    Your quilts just get better and better – this is a real beauty! I love the way you combine fabrics. Thanks for a great blog on modern quilts.

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