Simply Style + Simply Color = New Quilt Top

Last week I was able to get back to work on my quilt top using Vanessa of V and Co’s upcoming fabric line, Simply Style. When I first started cutting, I decided I wanted to work in fabrics from her previous line as well, Simply Color. I went ahead and bought a layer cake and I’m glad I did – the two lines coordinate really well together.

Once I had all my equilateral triangles pieced and cut, I started laying them out and completely changed my mind as to the quilt I was going to make. Does that ever happen to you?

I just love how these blocks look like diamonds – or hexagons – depending on the viewer.

So here is a peek. I’ve now finished the quilt top…can’t wait to share it with you soon!


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    Hi Faith! It looks so beautiful! Just wonderful design – lovely triangles, hexagons and diamonds and in beautiful colours! x Teje

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    The piecing changeability is one of the first things that drew me into quilting. I had purchased a darling pattern and thought that this would be an easy entry into the world of fabric fulfilling its destiny without having to stress over how everything would fit together. But once I had the parts laid out, I could not resist tinkering with the layout and voila! A new quilt was born.
    So for me the question is: does anyone really make patterns the way they were designed? Ha!

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    And your half hexie diamonds are gorgeous! It will be a stunning quilt.
    In someone’s Portland photo postings I saw V and Co’s Simply Style and stuck a little note on my monitor to GET SOME!

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    Beth says

    Amazing! Just so cool the shapes you see looking at it, of course I love hexies so I saw them first.

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    I have one on the design wall now, wasnt happy with the fabric choice for the pattern,,,,,,, Love both but once cut I didnt … I am thinking about changing it to your Butterfly Strands..

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    Ginny Worden says

    Wow! Looking forward to seeing more of this beauty.Will we be seeing a pattern or a tutorial? PLEASE!!!!!!

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    Marianne says

    This is wonderful! You’re right, the two lines of fabic blend wonderfully! I’m wondering if you used a ruler or paper piecing for your technique. The results are just stunning. Congratulations on this beautiful design!

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    chibidani says

    I want to know how you made the triangles into two colors. Did you sew two strips together and then cut your triangles, or did you follow a method sort of like the half-square triangle?

    Either way, its really pretty and fun!

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    Anne says

    Hi Faith,
    I really like what you did here. The white background really makes the colors pop!!


  10. 25

    Margaret says

    I love what you’re doing with this quilt! I love both these fabric lines. I hope you will share more about how you put it all together!

  11. 27


    Thanks everyone! I do plan on putting some details about how it was made into the post with the final quilt. No plans for a pattern right now though. 🙂

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    Mabel says

    Love your design and color selection! Another beauty to your the collection and creativity !! Can’t wait to see when is finished!

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