Sewing for Halloween

Sewing Inspiration For Halloween

1. Halloween Bunting, 2. Halloween Quilt, 3. Selvage Mummy Progress, 4. Etsy, 5. trick or treat! BOO to YOU! Swoon!, 6. Halloween Buddy Bags, 7. Halloween bunting, 8. All in a row table runner, 9. Pumpkin Pillow, 10. Halloween Block, 11. Halloween bag set, 12. yoyo garland bling

Has anyone started sewing for Halloween yet? A couple years ago I heard some crazy statistic that Halloween is only second to Christmas for the amount of money people spend to decorate. Sounds like a good reason to make things by hand. I have been looking around Flickr for some ideas. I think I will at least try to make some bunting. How about you?


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    I always say I’m going to decorate for Halloween but never really get around to it. The Bunting is definitely a good place to start. I usually stick to fall decor. When Christmas hits, that’s when I go full force and decorate every inch of my home. Love all those ideas for Halloween!

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    Halloween is, by far, my favorite day of the year! I am pretty sure we even have MORE Halloween decorations in our home than Christmas, turning our whole house into a haunted home. Right now I am trying very hard to finish my Ghastlies Halloween quilt before decorations go up. Can’t wait to see what you make!

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