Sew New to Me : Virtual Quilting Bee

I have joined my first virtual quilting bee – I’m so excited!  Some of you maybe be thinking “what the heck is that?!”  Here’s the scoop: there are 12 members in the group and each month one member is selected to send fabric and a design idea to the other members of the group.  Everyone sews a block for that person and mails it back.  At the end of the month when the lucky lady has all her blocks, she assembles the quilt!  The next month it’s someone else’s turn.

Our bee will go from October 2009 to October 2010, skipping December for the holidays.  We have some REALLY fabulous talent in our group and I can’t wait to get started.  It’s such a fun opportunity to try new designs and work with different fabric.  My month is February 2010!  You can follow our progress here or by clicking on the badge in the right hand column.


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    That’s great. I’ve started one this month also. Only we aren’t taking December off. Maybe we should have, it’s always a busy month. I was looking for a few more members to a 2nd block party. If you know anyone who might want to join one I have a few more spaces. Your quilts are lovely by the way.

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    I’m looking to start a quilting bee myself – if you happen to hear of one starting up, would you mind sending the info my way? I can’t seem to find any that are just starting – only ones that are already full 🙁

    I’d appreciate any info!!


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