Rhapsodia Ice

Rhapsodia Ice Front

I just finished up my Ice Pops quilt this week. You can see more about the pattern in this blog post. I’m very happy with how this one turned out – especially because my husband really likes it and he is just a tiiiiiny bit picky.

Rhapsodia Ice 1

The print fabric in this quilt is from Art Gallery’s Rhapsodia line. The light putty sashing is FreeSpirit Designer Solid Sand Dune and I never did figure out the dark putty color. That’s what I get for not labeling the fabric when it arrives!

Rhapsodia Ice 2

I quilted this one in a couple of ways. First, I pebble quilted all the white areas. As usual I way underestimated the amount of time this technique takes. But I am really happy with the results – it was worth the time. After I took these photos I washed the quilt and the pebble quilting looks SO great after a wash, I am very tempted to do an entire quilt this way. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted while I am doing the actual quilting…but boy would it make an amazing quilt.

Rhapsodia Ice 3

Then in the lighter putty sashing I straight-line quilted lines 1/4″ apart. I don’t often mix two types of quilting but I am happy I did with this quilt.

Rhapsodia Ice Drape

I am heading out of town on Saturday for a few days…I’m bringing my computer but not sure if I will be blogging. If not, I hope everyone here in the USA has a wonderful 4th of July holiday!


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      Hi Dayna – you can do that on any machine with your free motion foot (darning foot) on. Just move the quilt in little circles a couple times and then move to start a new circle.

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    Hallie says

    Faith, your quilt is fantastic! I can see why your hubby adores it. Enjoy your time away, we will all be here when you get back.

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    Your pebble quilting looks amazing! Please tell me this is not your first attempt at pebbles, because I have been trying to master them for several days now and I haven’t been able to keep them round and smooth consistently. Seriously — how long did you practice these pebbles before you could do them this well?

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      No, it’s not my first time! 🙂 I did my Christmas tree skirt that way and also just small quilting samples. Just keep practicing, you’ll get it!

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    Love the quilt, and the variety in the quilting. You mention labelling fabric when you get it, how do you do that? I have not been successful at figuring out what fabric something is. Sometimes the selvedge helps, but not always.

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    Carmen Wyant says

    What a great idea for labeling on the selvedge! This will work great for solids..fantastic quilt, aren’t Art Gallery fabrics wonderful? They have such a beautiful hand.

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    what a wonderful quilt, Faith. I love all the different quilting. Very, very pretty and the fact that your husband likes it definitely gives it a lot more extra points.

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    Yay! Yes! I love the quilting 😀 This is a super fun quilt. I need to practice my FMQ, because I just love how the different quilting styles you used enhanced the piecing. Oh, quilty magic! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Happy 4th to you as well!

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    Tonya Albers says

    Love the quilting you did on this one! 🙂 And great advice on labeling fabric – I have been starting to use more solids & hadn’t even thought of that! Thanks!! 🙂

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    Celia Hirschenhofer says

    Love the pebble quilting, Faith!!! I don’t think I have seen that before. It is really striking….


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      My best friend is a long arm qteulir. She has had a quilting machine for about 6 years. Before then, I would try to quilt my own quilts, if they were baby quilts or wallhangings, and, if they were larger quilts, I would take them to a qteulir that did pantograms. Pantograms serve a purpose, but I love it that my friend does free motion quilting (no pantograms), and she does it without a computer. I could never make my quilts look as pretty as she makes them, so I just take everything to her; big or small. Natalia does such beautiful quilting. I can’t wait to see the rest of your quilt.Busy Little Quilter recently posted..

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    Ann Miller says

    I am looking for the pattern for the Rhapsodia Ice. Wanting to have this quilt made from my brother. Where can I get it? I LOVE IT!!

    BTW, beautiful quilts on your site too 😉 Wish I was so talented…LOL

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