Rainchino Rails

Rainchino Front

Don’t worry, I did not just “whip up” a new quilt over the weekend. 🙂 Believe it or not, this quilt has been in the works since February! It was all the way back then when Tacha from Fat Quarterly emailed me to ask if I wanted to write some tips on sewing with double gauze for their July issue on working with alternative fabric, as well as maybe come up with a new pattern. I love Fat Quarterly so, of course I said yes right away!

Rainchino Corner

This quilt uses various Echino fabrics, from linen to double gauze. The name “Rainchino Rails” comes from a combination of “Echino” and “Rainbow”. Looking back six months ago, it was so dreary and snowy and cold, I am not surprised I came up with such a colorful quilt top.

Rainchino Front Back

The back of the quilt uses various left over fabric from the front as well as Kona Cerise. LOVE that color. I also used it for the binding. The quilting is straight lines, 1/4″ on each side of the vertical seams. The final size of the quilt is 70″ x 78″.

Rainchino Sneak Peek

You can find the complete pattern for this quilt as well as many others in Issue 6 of Fat Quarterly. I just received my copy over the weekend and it is amazing. This quilt in particular will probably end up in my shop.


  1. 9

    jeannette Picklels says

    Hi I just luv that quilt. Rainchino Rails. Just luv your colors that you picked. I have to make a quilt for my 26 year grandson, is this quilt available??
    Thanks Jeannette

  2. 17


    I didn’t even know echino came in double gauze. I’m using it in a quilt top right now – it’s interesting too see another design using the fabrics I’m working with.

  3. 18

    Sandra says

    I love this quilt; brights sashed with white looks so fresh and inviting. Are you considering making an “e-pattern” and selling it on etsy?

  4. 20

    dd says

    i was looking for inspiration for and Echino quilt and found yours after a google search. Its lovely. Would you be able to tell me if i could make your pattern work with 10in squares of fabric, cut into strips like yours. I would buy the Fat Quarterly issue if i knew that 10in lengths would be workable. thanks

  5. 21


    I am so in love with this quilt! I love both the front and back equally! Honestly seeing this makes me want to quilt instead of go to bes, which is where I was headed. So so pretty!

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