Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks

It’s always a fun opportunity to submit a block for Quiltmaker‘s 100 Blocks magazine series. Volume 7 was just released and I’m very excited to have a design included on this round! It will probably come as no surprise to regular readers here that I created a paper pieced star design. I’m nothing if not predictable, right? (You can find my paper piecing tutorial here.)

When I was selecting the fabrics for this star, I was torn. Blocks can always look so different depending on fabric placement. I really wanted to showcase this variety by making another block with the same templates, but using another fabric layout. Over the weekend I created this block.

Same pattern, but the effect is totally different. Cool, right? These blocks have 8 paper pieced components. Here is one quadrant sewn up:

I hope you will check out the magazine at your local craft and bookstore! It’s also available as a digital download.


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    Annie K says

    I’m watching for it to show up in our tiny town…and I love seeing what a great variety of looks you can get from the same block pattern. I think that’s one of my favorite things about quilting!

  2. 6

    Marianne says

    Congratulations! You are published once again!

    The stars are great! I’ll look for the 100 blocks.

  3. 8


    Your not going to believe this, Girl.. I won the magazine from Lrstitched, Lindsey.. I ripped open the parcel and flipped it open and there was your star and I didnt even know you were in the book, but I knew it was yours…… I was just looking at pics not names.. I am so happy to have this mag , its great………….PS… she signed it for me too.. I just might mail it to you so you can sign it too. xoxo .. Congrat..

  4. 9


    It’s amazing how different two blocks of the same design can look. I wish I had the imagination to see the possibility of block two while looking at block 1.

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