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Arkansas Traveler Quilt Top : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Last week I finally finished my Arkansas Traveler quilt top! I went outside at the end of the week to take a picture of it…and it blew RIGHT into a puddle of melted snow. So I let it dry over the weekend and tried again today. Lots of wind though, so I wasn’t able to get it completely flat but I think you get the picture. I have some special piecing planned for the back and I need to order a bit more of the blue fabric, but I really can’t wait to finish this one up.

Arkansas Traveler Quilt Top : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Something else fun beginning this week, Lee, Katie and I are going to start sharing the projects from Vintage Quilt Revival. Lee will be posting a project every Monday, Katie every Wednesday and I will post every Friday. I hope you enjoy seeing everything from the book! Be sure to check out Lee’s blog today for the very first project unveiling. (Which uses the blocks shown above in a truly beautiful way.)


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    Maeve says

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Love the quilt and the blocks shown here. So much color and design . . . love it all!

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      Hi Dawn – Yes, all the templates for the paper pieced projects are included in the book on a CD in the back flap. Very easy for you to print them at home and no need to use a copy machine or enlarge anything. We are very excited about that!

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    Cat says

    I’m so pleased that you’ll be presenting information from your book. That’s both generous and inspiring. I’ve been salivating (as it were) over that quilt on the front cover since you first showed it to us on the blog. Well done!

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    Your blue quilt top is lovely and serene, but wow — those two blocks at the bottom of your post REALLY caught my eye. Now I must pop over to Lee’s blog to see what she has done with them.

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    Hi there, I just found your blog, seriously, where have I been?! I had heard about your lighthouse quilt along, just stunning. And I really like the “Fresh” look of your quilts and your unique pattern style. I wanted to also say that your fabric collection is beautiful!!

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