A couple weekends ago, on Mother’s Day, I spent part of the day playing with some of my Heather Ross fabric scraps. I made some scrappy log cabin blocks, just having fun coordinating colors and prints. This week I decided to turn those little squares into pillows.

Pillow Detail 2

I thought I would add some ric rac trim to the edges for added cuteness. I’ve never sewn ric rac to the edge of anything so I used this tutorial.

Pillow Detail 1

I quilted the front of the pillows to a piece of batting. Random lines…

Bike Pillow

Straight lines…

Goldfish Pillow

Diagonal lines…

Far Far Away 2 Pillow

Wavy lines…

Mermaid Pillow

The backs are just some cute prints I had laying around.

Pillow Backs

One of these pillows is being mailed out to one of my husband’s coworkers who just had a baby boy. The others have found a new home on my daughter’s window seat!


  1. 3


    Adorable and what a great use of those scraps. I’m so glad you linked to the ric rack tute because that’s just what I need to make a receiving blanket special.

  2. 6


    These are so adorable!! A perfect way to use those Heather Ross blocks. I’ll check out that tute for the ric rac too– I’ve never sewn it to anything either, but it is super cute.

  3. 9

    Laura C says

    Oh, that ric rack! I picked some up at Joann’s this morning to add to some pillows I’ve got on deck. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. 13

    Marika says

    These are so so cute !!
    Usually, I’m not a big fan of ric rac but it totally works on these pillows !

  5. 20

    Kristen says

    What adorable pillows. Love the fabrics used.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my ric rac challenged heart, for pointing towards that tutorial. Maybe I’ll master it–yet.

  6. 27


    I LOVE ricrac trim! When I was in Paris last September, I was surprised to see ricrac trim inserted as pillow trim in a VERY high end fabric showroom, but they layered two colors of ricrac, offsetting them to get alternating colored scallops. Now, I wonder if I took a picture of that, and if so, I wonder if there’s any chance of me actually LOCATING IT?!

  7. 30


    I love your cushions. You have pieced them in a way I wouldn’t have thought of (read: I love your sense of style and creativity). Now I have a great idea of what I can do with some fabric scraps and some charm squares that I have lying round here to match a throw I have almost completed. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. 34

    jill says

    Love!! details please……for the wavy quilting lines did you trace the rick rack with desolving pen and quilt along b/c it looks very uniform. What is the width on the straight line quiting — 1″ apart? Very inspiring as always =)

  9. 37


    Wow, those are some cute pillows! You’ve inspired me. I just spent an hour ripping the seams out of an itchy old Pottery Barn pillowcase so I can put a new front on it. Now I just need to decide what fabrics to use!

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