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This is one of those posts that for the last 5 months I couldn’t wait to share…but then that changed to dread over the last 2 weeks. Last December I made this quilt and pattern for Issue 2 of Modern Quilting Magazine. For those of you that haven’t heard, this UK based magazine, owned by All Craft Media, went into bankruptcy about 2 week ago. There were a lot of people with subscriptions that will probably lose out on the magazine and their money. Some did receive Issue 2…not me though so I haven’t actually seen my quilt in it. Lots of artists have projects still with the magazine and may never see their quilts and projects again. I actually thought I would never see this particular quilt again, but I did receive it back about a week and a half ago and for that I am very grateful. I don’t really want to make this post about ACM though, so let’s just focus on the quilt. πŸ™‚


These quilt blocks were made by placing fabric strips improvisationally through square blocks. I used all solids – a combination of Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons, Moda Cross Weaves, Art Gallery Pure Elements, FreeSpirit Designer Solids, and Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids. The blocks measure 9″ x 9″ unfinished. My blocks alternate warm/cool/warm/cool… colors.


I decided on a scrappy binding and quilted this in a free motion meandering design. I am really happy with the finished product and it will probably now live in my daughter’s room.


So, I’m sure I don’t need to say this, but just because I like to keep my blog a positive place, please let’s focus on the quilt in the comments and not negative or disparaging comments surrounding the now defunct magazine. I know for those involved, emotions are high. Thanks everyone!

Wow, I am really overwhelmed by all the emails and comments from you guys offering to send me a copy of the magazine! I am actually practically speechless over it, this is just the best community.

Since people are just now getting their magazines late, I’m going to wait a couple weeks and see if mine makes it over here. Looks like there is hope! Thank you so much everyone. xox

Another Update (early July):
Thanks so much to one of my readers who let me know she found the magazine at Barnes & Noble. I just found and bought a copy there! So if you are interested in making this pattern, check your bookstore for the magazine.


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    The quilt is so cheerful and the design is striking. I am glad you got it back and I hope that the others do too.

  2. 10


    Hi, I read and enjoy your blog but usually don’t comment. I just wanted to say that I love your pick up sticks quilt. When my oldest daughter was little my mom visited once and brought a can of pick-up-sticks. After that whenever my parents would visit they played with them. Thanks for the memory and making me smile, it’s a bright happy quilt!

  3. 11

    Rachel says

    Awesome quilt. Very eye catching! If I had a copy of the magazine (I did not subscribe or anything, so I literally mean if I ran into one, LOL) I would gladly send it on to you!

  4. 14

    Ruth says

    I have a copy of that magazine if you want it. Was surprised to see it in the shop so I snapped it up straight away. Your quilt looks great in it.

  5. 15


    I Love when a quilt arrives home safely…they are our quilt children! This quilt has given me a spark because I had a kit of solid to make simple circles but I like this pattern sooooo much better! Thank you for sharing!

  6. 18

    Hallie says

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt. Your vision for using color just amazes me! Your daughter is one lucky little girl to be the holder and hugger of your quilt!!!

  7. 19

    Marcia R. says

    I love it! The colors are so happy. You are my favorite blogger because I absolutely LOVE your taste in quilt design!

  8. 23

    Pomegranate Quilts says

    OMG gorgeous! Any chance of a block tutorial? QAL? These are so brilliant they deserve their own flickr group…

  9. 24

    Beth Ellen says

    I love the quilt–I wonder if I could use patterned fabric for one part of each block? Did you try it out, and how did it look? The solids are so bright and beautiful, but I have so many patterned scraps in my stash! Will the pattern be available on your blog?

  10. 25

    Marcia Herath says

    I smiled as soon as I saw your quilt this morning. It is very bright and pretty. Thanks for making me smile on this dreary morning.

  11. 27

    Netta says

    What a wonderful use of color. I have great difficulty with picking colors and am always amazed at other’s ability to do it so well. Hope to see this pattern on your blog sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  12. 29


    I’m a subscriber of Modern Quilting and I just got my copy of issue 2 this Saturday with a letter that they are hoping to continue with the magazine. If you’d like my copy please let me know and I’ll send it to you. It would be a shame if you didn’t have a copy.

  13. 30

    Christine says

    Great quilt, I read your blog all the time and find it so inspirational. I am commenting today because I am in the UK and subscribe to the magazine. I heard it was defunct and didn’t expect to see another copy so I was suprised to find one in my mailbox on saturday with a covering note saying apologies for lateness and that it will be published bi-monthly from the end of June. Maybe it is not defunct after all ???

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    Susan Jonsson says

    What a wonderful, cheerful quilt. Such an inspiration. I can see why you were so happy to have it returned. Your daughter is so lucky to have it her room. Thanks so much for sharing.


  15. 36

    Heather says

    Truly beautiful quilt, so bright and cheerful. Glad it got back to you and that you might get to see it in the magazine.

  16. 40

    Reena says

    Fabulous quilt Faith! We all learned a little something from that mag failure. keep up the great work!!!

  17. 43


    Loving this quilt! So effective. Just bought a set of pick up sticks for my girls and they cannot get enough of them. Your quilt is an inspiration. Thank you.

  18. 48


    I love your pick-up stix! It’s a great quilt — fresh, clear, and even naive which probably translates to mean that it could be great for kids! I think I’m going to try it!

  19. 49


    I just LOVE this quilt. I think quilting with solids is one of my favorite ways to quilt — everything feels so fresh and modern.

  20. 50


    One of my favorite things about your designs is your brilliant choices with solids. I LOVE Solids! I’ve only really worked with Kona, Im excited to branch out and try some other brands. This turned out great!

  21. 52

    Jane says

    Love your blog and follow it faithfully ( no pun intended!)
    Thanks so much for all you share with us.
    This quilt is so bright and cheery-I see it right near the top of my “to do” list!
    thanks again for all your inspiration and instruction

  22. 54


    Wow Faith! This is a beautiful quilt. So striking, and I love the colours you’ve put together. I think this is one of my favourite All Solid quilts.

  23. 55

    Michelle says

    This is a very cheerful quilt. I’ve just become aware of ‘modern quilting’ and am finding blogs like yours to help inspire me. Thank you for sharing. I am a fairly new quilter and wonder if you can tell me about your blocks. Did you piece the thin strips into the squares, cutting a finished 9″ block, or are they appliquΓ©d on top?

    thanks so much.

      • 57

        Michelle says

        Thank you Faith, I think I could do this, I’m a beginner πŸ˜‰ and want to make a baby quilt for my nephew and his wife who have a more modern design to things. Can I ask if you did this with a random placement and then cut your blocks to square? Or is there a specific pattern?

        Thanks for the help,

  24. 59

    Gracie says

    What a beautiful quilt! I have never even thought to use plain colours without patterns as I thought it would look boring, but that is really stunning. It looks like it would have been fun to make too. I’m very glad you got it home safely and got a copy of the magazine to see it in there too!

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