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Have you noticed I haven’t posted many sewing photos lately? I promise I’m hard at work. Probably harder at work than I’ve ever been actually. But I can’t show you the couple projects occupying my time just yet. Hopefully you will be excited to see them when I can though!


In the meantime, I thought I would share my newest quilt labels. I ordered these from World Wide Label after seeing the labels Megan ordered. I was very happy with their process and communication. I designed my labels to have a fold and use the same font as my header. These are woven labels and the text stitching is a very dark grey. I love that these won’t fade in the wash like my old printed labels too. Overall a great experience, and they look great on finished quilts!

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    I have looked at that site for many hours and can’t seem to come up with the perfect label – I don’t have the perfect font. Guess I should just do it. Yours look great.

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      Barb – I was confused about which listing to buy so I just sent them a convo and said I wanted their folded labels with text on one side and they directed me to the correct listing.

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    Can you tell me which listing you chose? i would like the folded ones like you have but can’t tell from the listings which one I need to order. Thanks! Your labels are beautiful!

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      Hi Terri – They had me buy the one that said “300X Custom Artwork Clothing Woven Labels free font styles colors never fade – professional quality free design service and free shipping” but I did convo them beforehand because I didn’t know what was the right choice either. I would suggest doing that.

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    love the labels – I’d love to get some, just can’t see ordering 300 of them! Did you have to order 300? I won’t make that many quilts in my lifetime!

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      I did buy 300. A lifetime supply I think. LOL I put them on everything – quilts, bags/totes, pillows, loveys, bibs…you get the picture. 🙂

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    Bruinbr says

    Awesome labels! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on! Thanks also for your reply to my email about the 440QE. I found an awesome pre-loved one and am slowly getting used to my new baby 🙂

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    Thanks for the great info!! I also have checked out that site (and their home page as well). All the labels seem to be flat. Can you tell me what ones you ordered to get them folded?
    Thanks, again!!

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