New *Custom* Quilt Labels!

Custom Quilt Labels arrived!

I’m so excited to have finally broken down and ordered custom labels for my quilts. These come from the Etsy shop Mommie Made It. They are printed on organic cotton twill ribbon and were custom made based on the design I created. I was going back and forth between making a “fun” design or a “serious” design…clearly I choose the “fun” route!

The quality looks fantastic and I can’t wait to sew them on the 2 quilts I have upstairs which are awaiting their binding!

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    Love your design! Thanks for the seller rec.; I have been thinking about ordering some and this might be just the push I need. 🙂

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    Ooo i love those tags. I have to check out that Etsy shop. I’ve been eying some tags too but haven’t had the nerve to pull the trigger. Maybe this will motivate people like me to tag their quilts :). Thanks for the post.

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