Moais ~ Summer Sampler 2018

Moais ~ Summer Sampler Series 2018 quilt along

Welcome to Week 16 of the Summer Sampler Series 2018 : Summer Road Trip quilt along!  This week’s block, Moais, is designed by Carolina Oneto.  Carolina was inspired by the Moais Isla de Pascua, or the Easter Island Heads, found on Isla de Pascua [Easter Island], a Chilean Island in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean.

I’m not sure if I am just noticing the Moais Isla de Pascua in the news because I knew we had this block coming up, or if there are a lot of things going on there right now…but in any case, it’s been fun to see a location pop up online and on tv that I knew we would be “visiting”!

Summer Sampler Series 2018 quilt along

This block comes together perfectly.  I laid out all my fabric in place before sewing.  Just remember to use that scant 1/4″ seam allowance as there are quite a few (long) seams in this block.



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