Lots and Lots of Baby Loveys

Guppies Lovey

I was in desperate need to replenish my shop inventory after the holidays. I spent the last couple weeks putting together these baby loveys. Of course the most fun part for me was pulling the fabrics. I think you can take just about any Heather Ross print and make a cute baby blanket out of it, don’t you? These are all around 12″ squares. I added a little ribbon on them for little baby fingers.

My little guy is almost 2 {tomorrow is his birthday!} and has practically worn the tag off his favorite cheapo Target blanket. I actually should probably get it to the sewing machine and reinforce it a bit. Things will not be pretty around here if that tag falls off! I’ve tried getting him attached to other cute *handmade* blankets, but I guess I should have attempted to form that bond earlier because he is now pretty set in his ways.

Baby Loveys

These blankets were fairly straightforward to make. The fabric is just random widths that added up to 12.5″. The backs are all different colors of minky which I stocked up on awhile back from Fabric.com. So soft. I will give you one big tip when working with minky, which is slippery and stretchy and can be frustrating when working with larger pieces. *Always* use your walking foot. It makes a world of difference.

I’ll be back in a couple days with some photos of my Spoonflower swatches that arrived this week! If you have ever been interested in just how Spoonflower works from a “designer’s” perspective, I’ll be sharing my experience. I know I was curious before walking through it all.

Happy sewing everyone!


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    Hi Faith,

    Love your lovies!! Can I ask what fabric you used in your Orange Sherbert one (tiles of orange and pink)? Love it!!


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    Hi Faith,
    About the Minky and the walking foot – do you have the minky on the top or bottom when you’re sewing? do you then just pull it inside out? and do a topstitch? Thanks! ~ Wendy, The Fabric Quarter

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      Hi Wendy! When making these loveys I did the minky on the bottom, but right sides of the fabric together. I also put less pressure on the presser foot. Then I pulled it right side out and topstitched, minky side down again. I also do the minky side down when I make squares for rag quilts.

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    Kara says

    Faith – further to Wendy’s question – I presume you just topstitch these and that’s it – no quilting? The look great, and I love the idea of the tag. I made Hayden a blanket with minky fabric on the back when he was a toddler (insprired by the one you made him), and he still has to have that wrapped around him at bedtime (he calls it “owl blanket” because of the Michael Miller owl pattern on it. I also made Layla a blanket with Minky fabric. Didn’t think to add a ribbon tag, though. She would love that at her age!

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      Yep, no batting. The top stitching really just strengthens the edge and also closes up the whole on the edge from flipping it right side out.

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