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Pattern Drop

I love making quilts.  There is something fun, creative and relaxing about spending time in my sewing space.  Finding high quality, modern (well if you know me, modern traditional) patterns can be a tricky.  That’s where Pattern Drop comes in!  Pattern Drop is a new curated, digital quilt pattern subscription service, created by my Summer Sampler Series co-creator and Vintage Quilt Revival co-author, Katie Clark Blakesley.

Pattern Drop

Besides offering monthly digital quilt patterns, Pattern Drop also has monthly partners who offer exclusive discounts, a Facebook group/community for annual subscribers (to answer questions, interact with quilters and designers, and offer inspiration), quarterly quilt alongs, and more!

Pattern Drop

The Pattern Drop website has tons of information (and pricing).  You can also keep up with upcoming pattern releases, special offers, and exclusive features on Instagram ~ @patterndrop ~ use hashtag #patterndrop (if they repost your photo, you get a free month added to your subscription), and Facebook.

Use coupon code 2FREEFRESHLEMONS for 2 free months when you sign up for an Annual Membership. When you choose an annual membership, you already get 2 free months, so that is actually 4 free months!  It is also a forever discount, meaning each year you renew, you get the same, low, introductory rate. This offer expires on December 5 (the day before the launch), and won’t be repeated again.

I hope you will stop on over to Pattern Drop, and check them out.  With the holiday’s around the corner, it makes a great gift as well!  Just send this blog post with the coupon code over to the gift-buyer in the family…well, if your family is like mine, that means a self-gift! 🙂


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    Cindy Hope

    November 16, 2017

    I’m confused about the pricing–I just signed up and paid $83 for the annual membership. I also entered the code for 2 extra free months and it was advertised as a total of 4 months free. My confirmation said my renewal was Nov. 2018 and renewal price would be $63. I expected renewal to be March, 2019?

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      November 16, 2017

      Hi Cindy–thank you so much for subscribing and for leaving Faith a question.

      I’m sorry this was confusing, I’ll look into how we can better communicate what we are doing.

      The base price for Pattern Drop (if you have a month to month membership) is 8.49/month–which if had an annual membership for 12 months, the price would be $101.88. Instead, if you buy an annual membership, we charge $6.99 a month–the annual price of $83.80 reflects those 2 months free.

      The 2 months free coupon you used (thank you!) brings the price down to $69.90, which is what your credit card was charged. So basically, you will get 12 months of quilt patterns, and have paid for 8 months. The best part–every time you resubscribe, you get the $69 price–our pre-launch coupons are going to be better than anything we give out post launch (December 6). We chose to give everyone a better deal up front rather than extending everyone’s subscription by a few months. If you have any additional questions, please email me at


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    December 15, 2017

    This is on my Christmas list! I can’t wait! 🙂


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