Ikea Fabric – Who Knew?!


My daughter is turning 3 this week (I can’t believe it!). We went to Ikea yesterday to look around for decorations for her fairy party. Naturally I found a lot of things not related to the party, but just *had* to have. “It’s only $1.99” I told myself. While I was looking at their adorable children’s section, I noticed they actually sold fabric! Am I the only person that didn’t know this? I only had time to look at the kid’s section – the natives were getting restless – but I noticed they had regular fabric as well. I couldn’t believe the deal. Two yards of fabric for $8! I’m thinking this would make the most adorable children’s quilt, fussy cutting out the little animals. Another project to add to my list!

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    September 28, 2009

    Who knew eh? I adore all of Ikea’s fabric and I have to hold myself back everytime I walk in there! The home dec fabric is my favorite! Makes great handbags and curtians too! The fabric you chose will make a wondeful child’s quilt 🙂

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    wishes, true and kind

    September 28, 2009

    LOL — I only recently found out that IKEA has fabric (probably learned about it on a blog or Flickr). Do you think the quality is good? I haven’t actually seen any in person and I was wondering if it’s cheap for a reason….

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    September 28, 2009

    That’s the theme that Eliza has in her room. She has the green duvet cover with those figures on it–she calls it her froggie blanket. I am hoping once I feel better I’ll make her a new valance of triangular flag shapes to put up and match the rest of the room. I figured that might be easy given my limited sewing skills.

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    September 29, 2009

    Even I knew that! 🙂 I remember going in there before (a long time ago) and thinking that was strange (I mean, what do people do with just FABRIC – lol! now I would have a field day!). I was wondering the same thing about if the quality would be worth it. You might want to try first on something that wouldn’t be washed over and over. I’ve read a couple of blogs about people spending so much time on a quilt that has some cheaper fabrics in it and being heartbroken when it wears out after a couple of washes.

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    September 29, 2009

    Well if KARA knew, then I know I’m in trouble! LOL I’ll let you know how it holds up. It feels good…I mean, it’s not as soft as MoMo Wonderland, but that stuff is great!

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    September 30, 2009

    I love Ikea fabric. I even made myself a very mod dress out of IKEA fabric!!

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    November 13, 2009

    I’ve got to stop at the fabric section – usually forego it. Anyway I need a kitchen island for my cutting table. My back is already aching with all the bending down.