Holland Mills

Holland Mills

Sometimes I make a quilt and have to wait a bit of time to share it with you, due to publication schedules. Well, when I went on my computer to grab the photos for this post, I noticed they were taken almost a year ago to the day. It’s been a long wait! I’m pretty happy to share this quilt with you though, named Holland Mills, as I just found out it’s on the cover of Australians Quilter’s Companion’s new magazine, Quilts for Today.

Quilts for Today, Holland Mills

When I first designed this quilt, I knew I wanted to use fabric from Bonnie & Camille’s Happy Go Lucky collection. I used those colors as my base and added in a few coordinating prints outside the collection. I just love these colors!

Quilts for Today, Holland Mills

This quilt pattern uses paper pieced blocks placed on point and off centered. The finished quilt is 60″ x 70″. The backing is a beautiful yellow floral stripe, also from Happy Go Lucky. I kind of joke that this sort of design is great for when you want to make a quilt, but don’t want to make 100 blocks. 🙂 But you can also have a lot of fun with the negative space. The background fabric would look awesome as a dark solid, or how about a tiny dot?

Quilts for Today, Holland Mills

If you are super lucky and live in Australia, I believe this magazine is just arriving in shops. If you happen to live elsewhere and are interested in the magazine, you can buy a digital version online here (which I just tested out and was very easy).

** Note: Someone asked me where to find the paper piecing template once you download the magazine. Since it was a little tricky to find, I thought I’d share! On the “Contents” page at the beginning of the magazine, there is a box at the top that says “Pattern Sheets”. Click on the link in that box and it takes you to a website. From the black header bar on the website, click again on “Pattern Sheets” and select the magazine. There you can download the template. 🙂 **

Quilts for Today ~ Faith Jones

Oh, and there’s even a little profile article about me in the magazine…if anyone is interested in that sort of thing (like my mom – ha). I hope you will check out the new magazine though, it’s full of great patterns and profiles!


  1. 1

    Sue Sewstoo says

    It comes out tomorrow! Will be off to my newsagency to to buy my copy! It’s great that us Aussies get such great talent in our mags, now you need to come and visit!

  2. 3

    Mabel says

    Faith, I’m very happy for you!!! All the way to Australia. You becoming famous! I’m so lucky to know you. Way to go!!
    The quilt is beautiful!

  3. 4

    Lyn says

    Faith, I really like this. Can I get the pattern without setting up a Facebook account to buy the digital magazine? I don’t ever wish to use Facebook. I tried to buy it but couldn’t. Thanks, Lyn

    • 5


      Yes! If you look at the box where you are seeing the Facebook button, at the bottom there is a link that says “New user? Register here”. Click on that and you won’t have to do anything with Facebook. (That’s how I checked out).

  4. 7


    Finally something I can get in Australia that is hard to get elsewhere!!
    I am going to the newsagent tomorrow to get a copy. The quilt looks great and I would love to make it with a dark background.

  5. 8

    Diane says

    Beautiful quilt! Just had to tell you that I once taught a student whose name is Holland Mills!!! Too funny!

  6. 14

    Sally from Sydney says

    Wow Faith! Now you’re famous here DownUnder! I can’t wait to go and get my copy tomorrow. Congratulations, you deserve it!

  7. 15

    Chris says

    Congratulations. That is wonderful. Faith I am tring to find some scraps of Tula’s Parisville. I ran out while doing Granny Square blocks. You don’t have some leftover from your quilt do you? I do remember that quilt. I would be happy to pay for them. Thanks, Chris

    • 16


      Hi Chris! Bummer, I don’t have any left! I believe I destashed the last of it awhile back. Some places I like to try for out of print fabric are Etsy, eBay and QuiltShops.com. And….I’ve been known once to buy a pillowcase made from fabric I needed and cut it apart. oops 🙂

  8. 17

    liz gillam says

    Hi, Faith. What a wonderful pattern! Will it ever be offered in your very own FRESH PATTERN SHOP?! Hope so! :0)

  9. 20


    Congratulations! Cover girl, international and profile. .. . .What a huge stack of accomplishments in one sweet bundle! So very excited for you, and I love the quilt design. Might have to try it in little girly colors for my kiddos, it would work well with bright flowers and a lime green background!

  10. 27

    Diana Nelson says

    I agree about the Australians and their mags and quilt patterns. I just love all of their ideas and look forward to seeing what new things they come up with each month. This quilt is just great and one I’ll put on my long l ist of blocks I want to try. I also will look for the magazine as well.

  11. 33

    Pauline says

    Yay happy day here in Australia – will head off an try and pick up a copy today – love the quilt and can’t wait to read.

  12. 34

    Robyn says

    Gorgeous fresh and happy quilt! Off to buy it today at my local newsagency here in Sydney! Hurrah for you Faith, time to come downunder for a visit, we would make you so welcome!!!! In the meantime Thankyou for your great ideas that you share with us!!

  13. 35

    Val says

    Congratulations on your cover! Love your design and the fabric selection! It’s on my to do list.

  14. 36

    Peggy Vickrey says

    Love it; love it; love it! I have a niece who graduates from high school next year, and the quilt screams her name…and her personality. Guess I know now the pattern I’ll be using! Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous inspirations!

  15. 37

    Connie W says

    Nice work!, great for any gender and age. I will try and get a copy at the news and magazine store!

  16. 39

    Pam says

    LOVE the quilt. I bought the magazine and downloaded the pattern. I need to make a baby girl quilt ASAP and thought this would be a fun pattern. My question is….to scale it down to the size for a baby quilt, would you reduce the number of blocks ( I was worried it might throw off the scale with the negative space) or try to “shrink” the design as is?

    • 43


      I’m not sure if the actual hardcopy of the magazine with be available – my best bet would be to check Barnes and Noble.

  17. 44


    It’s a lovely quilt, Faith — congratulations on being a Cover Girl! 🙂 Paper piecing seems to be everywhere right now, doesn’t it? Or maybe I’m just paying more attention to it now that I started a paper piecing project of my own. It’s so much fun to sew with everything hidden under the paper, then flip it over and shout “TA DA!” Well, maybe that’s just how I do paper piecing, because I’m kind of a dork…

  18. 46

    Nicole S says

    Hi Faith. The magazine made me check out your blog! Your prism quilt is spectacular. It looks like gems. Have already ordered the pattern! Can’t wait to see what else you create.

  19. 49

    Deborah Andry says

    Congratulations. Your quilt is beautiful. Actually all your work is splendid. Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone. I am in the middle of making the Summer Sampler Series you hosted last summer. I can’t tell you how much fun I am having and how beautiful it looks. This one is a keeper for me.

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